The Review

  • What ‘GOD’ Are We Pursuing?

    By Glen Schultz, Ed.D. I am very concerned with the current state of education in our country. However, my greatest concern is not so much about what is happening in the general educational community but what is happening with the education of children in the Christian community. ...Click here to read more

  • Erasing Our Christian Identity, One School Day at a Time

    By Mike Riddle The fact that America was founded upon biblical principles is well documented. The Declaration of Independence makes reference to the Creator and being created. Our Washington, D.C. monuments have inscriptions that make reference to God and Jesus Christ. The original public school system used the Bible as a main reading source. ...Click here to read more

  • We Must Help Our Youth Guard Their Hearts

    Secular options are aggressively competing for our Christian students’ time and attention both in the traditional classroom as well as online. We must do everything in our power to protect our students from these advances and ensure that kids in CHRISTIAN schools get a CHRISTIAN education. ...Click here to read more

  • Is Your Child the Exception?

    By Keith McCurdy Is  your child the exception to the rule? They better be because the myth that continues to be pushed on us about education will inevitably fall apart at some point. ...Click here to read more

  • Our Culture: Progressing or Digressing?

    By Jeff Keaton, Founder & Chairman of Renewanation One of my nieces, who is currently completing her R.N. program, recently shared with me one of her experiences in a secular university. In one class, she was asked to rate a list of sexual activities and preferences on a scale of most acceptable (adaptive) to least acceptable (mal-adaptive). ...Click here to read more

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