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  • Employees with a Christian Worldview

    By Jeff Keaton – Founder & CEO of Renewanation Recently, I received a phone call from a company that screens job applicants for various companies. Apparently, a young lady whom I have known for many years listed me as a personal reference. ...Click here to read more

  • New Leadership Structure

    Over the last few years, God has strengthened Renewanation and helped us to define and refine our mission and next steps. He has also brought a number of key individuals onto our team who have helped us to reach a new level of organizational structure and operational success. ...Click here to read more

  • With Grateful Hearts

    After almost eight years of excellent service to Renewanation and our constituents, Melvin Adams resigned as President on June 16. ...Click here to read more

  • America in a Crisis of Identity

    By Melvin Adams, Renewanation President For some time now America has been in a crisis of identity. We have watched as our geopolitical and economic realities have shifted, but increasingly the crisis has drawn closer and closer to home. Now it seems that nothing is left untouched. Marriage has been supposedly redefined, and now the privacy of bathroom privileges is being contested under the guise of sexual identity. Perhaps, like me, your mind is spinning, and you are wondering if we have lost our mind or our soul! ...Click here to read more

  • God, will you save our school?

    By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder & Chairman We are currently working to revitalize a school in New York State. As a part of this effort, I recently traveled with Ron Gordon to New York to be a part of an onsite evaluation visit and to speak for a re-launch rally. After I spoke at the rally and reminded the parents and leaders of this school why their school must become a thriving school once again, a sweet lady approached me. Her story touched me deeply. ...Click here to read more


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