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Let the Church Be the Church

The Bible presents a family-centered, church- supported strategy to disciple children, and this needs to shape how we minister to young people. Parents rely heavily on the church for the discipleship of a child, yet ironically, are attending church less and less often. 

Lifeway research finds the frequency of church attendance impacts lifelong faith in Christ: “For each drop in frequency of family church service attendance while growing up, a young adult has  a corresponding 1.25% drop in spiritual health. ...      A widespread American trend is having an effect, and our children are paying the price.” A child’s spiritual health and biblical worldview, in part, will be shaped by involvement in a local church. 

 With as little as one to two hours a week, family and children’s ministries have to be intentional in order for their influence to outweigh that of media and secular education.


Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Author, Speaker

  • How to Help Children Develop a Biblical Worldview

  • Biblical Parenting: Raising Children to Godly Adults

  • Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents


It has been God’s plan all along for the church to support the family, and for the family to be the front line of ministry within the home. 

The church must be strategic, not taking the place of family ministry, but rather shifting its emphasis to the equipping of parents and grandparents for family ministry. 

Dr. Josh Mulvihill, the Executive Director of Church and Family at RenewaNation, is also the Vice Chairman of the board for Awana and a frequent guest on Family Life Today, Moody Radio, and Focus on the Family. Dr. Mulvihill has an international barometer of the condition of family ministry and the impact of biblical worldview on the next generation. He and our RenewaNation team of speakers are available to inspire and awaken your church in the areas of biblical parenting, biblical grandparenting, child discipleship, and other family ministry emphasis.


As the expert in the fields of parenting and grandparenting ministry and a renowned author, you will find many of Dr. Mulvihill's and other family ministry experts' articles featured in The RenewaNation Review magazine. Generous donors to RenewaNation make this resource FREE for your church - only pay for shipping when ordering in bulk! Use this as an outreach to educate your congregation on biblical worldview and keep up-to-date with invaluable biblical perspectives on current issues.  

The RenewaNation Review is a full-color magazine filled with insightful articles that present and defend a Biblical worldview and the importance of training the next generation to know, love, and serve Christ. 

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Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching.
1 TIMOTHY 4:13

RenewaNation has partnered with many churches to use The ViewFinder™  as an assessment tool for staff and small group leadership. 

Consisting of thirty real-life moral dilemmas with four multiple-choice answers for each question that allows individuals to consider not only what they believe, but how they would respond if they found themselves in a similar situation. With this assessment, your leadership may gain insight into how an individual’s worldview is actually determined (by how a person lives) and reveal opportunities for spiritual development. 


Use the ViewFinder™ Assessment as a Worldview Discovery & Development Tool 

The ViewFinder™ as a discovery and development tool, is designed to help teenagers and adults understand what they believe about six areas of biblical worldview: God, the Bible, moral order, purpose, creation, and humanity.


If children are planted in the soil of ungodly influences, unbiblical thinking, and non-Christian relationships, then expect fruit to grow in accordance to these influences. 


Most parents want to disciple their children, but many struggle knowing how to do that on a day-to-day basis. The Biblical Parenting conference will help parents assess their parenting priorities, understand God’s blueprint for parenting, increase their intentionality, and develop their own discipleship plan. 

Whether facilitated on-site, as a hosted event, or as a self-paced video series, you can cast a church-wide vision for biblical parenting  in small or large group settings.

The Biblical Parenting helps parents capture a biblical vision to raise their children with lifelong faith in Christ and create a customized discipleship plan for each child. 

Inquire about hosting an onsite Biblical Parenting Conference at your church with full and half-day options available. 

Or if you would like to facilitate the Conference in a small or large group setting, it is also delivered as a self-paced video series through RenewU, RenewaNation's digital platform, where you can provide accounts to your leadership with 24/7, secure, global access.



Grandparents are the most influential relationship next to parents in the spiritual impact of their grandchildren.

Grandparents have inherited a faith they are to pass on to their children and children's children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 12:28; Psalm 71:16-18).

Hosting a Biblical Grandparenting conference at your church will help grandparents understand their biblical role and how to intentionally disciple their children and grandchildren. The conference is designed to help you learn what the Bible says about your influence as a grandparent, discover ways to strengthen the relationship with your family, and connect with other grandparents who share similar experiences.     

Contact RenewaNation for opportunities to host a Biblical Grandparenting Conference at your church.

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Manderley Christian Camp and Conference the perfect venue for your church events. Designed as a biblical worldview training ground, our camp facilities provide an ideal setting for an unforgettable experience.


Manderely is equipped to host your event or your church can take advantage of the Signature Events put on by Manderley staff throughout the year, some of which include Educator Training, Children and Teen Camps, and Church Ministry Retreats. Foodservice and overnight lodging is available for groups up to 180 campers. 

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