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Regular Speaking Events and Topics

Banquets/Annual Fund Dinners
Help donors understand the great impact of Christian education.

Parent Events
Help parents better understand the “Why” behind Christian education.

Grandparents Day
Better connect your grandparents with your school through volunteer and donor opportunities.

Parenting & Grandparenting Conferences

Help equip parents and grandparents to shape the next generation with the Gospel.

Biblical Worldview Training for Teachers
Help your teachers develop a biblical worldview and learn how to integrate biblical worldview in their teaching.

Christian School Revitalization
Usually offered in a small group to boards and key leaders in your school. A full explanation of what a vibrant school looks like and how to get connected to our revitalization program.

Challenge your graduates to reach their highest potential for Christ.

What People Are Saying

"Your message was so relevant and very encouraging to us. I have already had parents tell me they wish their spouse could have heard what you had to say. Your passion is contagious. Thanks for the magazines; we will get those out to our parents."

Toni Kanzler, Director of Admissions,
Traders Point Christian Schools

"INSPIRING. PASSIONATE. VISIONARY. God-ordained. These are just a few words that I use to describe Jeff Keaton, who spoke at our first-ever benefit banquet promoting Christian education in the Kansas City area. With parents, alumni, supporters, and fellow Christian school administrators in attendance that evening, it is doubtful that anyone left without being moved by his message. I’m looking forward to hearing him again!"

Chad Pollard,
Overland Christian Schools

"Thank you for delivering such a great presentation. It was very impactful for the parents considering Christian education and a great reinforcement and reminder to the rest of us as to why we chose Christian education in the first place. Several of our administrators and teachers said they were very inspired and encouraged."

Emily Wiltse, Admissions Assistant,
Traders Point Christian Schools

Jeff Keaton

Founder, President & CEO

A successful pastor, church and school planter, and ministry entrepreneur, Jeff Keaton has invested his entire adult life in reaching men and women for Christ by starting and growing new Christian ministries. As a speaker, Jeff’s passion to impact people and the world for Christ flows through every word. In 2007, God birthed in his heart the vision of Renewanation. Today, Jeff travels the country challenging and motivating others to join the great cause of giving every child a Christian worldview.

Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Director of Church & Family Ministry

Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation. Josh has served as a pastor for nearly 20 years, is a founding member of the Legacy Coalition, and has a PhD from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of multiple books on grandparenting including Biblical Grandparenting, as well as Preparing Children for Marriage, and Rooted Kids Curriculum and Worship. Josh and his wife Jen live in Victoria, MN and are blessed with five children.

Dr. Glen Schultz

Member of the Board of Directors

After five years in public education, Dr. Glen Schultz entered the field of Christian education, where he has been a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. He has directed the Christian school work at LifeWay Christian Resources, served as the ACSI Southeast Regional Director, Superintendent of Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Headmaster of Sherwood Christian Academy. Dr. Schultz serves as founder and director of Kingdom Education Ministries. He is the author of Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations and several parenting booklets.

Our Speakers​

Ar video žinutė bus privati?

Garsenybių paruoštos video žinutės taps Jūsų nuosavybė. Užsakant paslaugą galėsite nurodyti, video žinutės naudojimo teises:
Privati - niekur neviešinama
Vieša - suteikiate teisę video žinute dalintis arba ją įrašiusiai garsenybei arba Idooru Dėl video žinutės naudojimo teisių mes Jūsų atsiklausime dar vieną kartą, kuomet atsiųsime Jums asmeniškai paruoštą video žinutę. Atkreipkite dėmesį. Dalis garsenybių yra pasirinkę, kad jų sukurtos asmeninės video žinutės nebūtų viešinamos. Šią informaciją rasite kiekvienos garsenybės paskyroje.

Ar video žinutė bus asmeniška?

Tikrai taip. Kiekviena video žinutė yra irašoma atskirai, o ją įrašanti garsenybė video žinutės turinį sukuria pagal Jūsų pateiktą užsakymo informaciją (vardą, pomėgius ir t.t.). Visos video žinutės yra unikalios ir adresuotos būtent tam vienam asmeniui.

Kodėl nerandu norimos garsenybės?

Puikus klausimas. Dedame dideles pastangas, kad kiekvienas rastume mums patinkančias ir įkvėpiančias garsenybes. Didelis jų kiekis neleidžia vienu metu ir greitai sukviesti prisijungti prie Idooru. Tačiau yra viena išeitis... ...žinote garsenybę, kurios video žinutę norėtumėte užsakyti? Spauskite ir užpildykite ieškomos garsenybės formą čia

Per kiek laiko gausiu užsakytą video žinutę?

Su visomis prisijungusiomis garsenybėmis esame susitarę dėl 72 valandų video žinutės įrašymo laiko. Vadinasi, jeigu video žinutę užsakysite šiandien ją gausite už 72 valandų arba pagal atskirai nurodytą reikalingą datą. Jeigu video žinutės reikia tik už 2 savaičių, tuomet galite pasirinkti ir ilgesnį video žinutės sukūrimo ir pristatymo terminą nei minėtos 72 valandos.

Netinka minimalus video žinutės kūrimo terminas?

Negalime Jūsų palikti likimo valiai. Pasistengsime Jums padėti ir video žinutę paprašysime pasirinktos garsenybės greičiau nei per 72 valandas. Skambinkite arba rašykite žinutę mūsų kontaktais čia

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