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What does The ViewFinder cost?
The ViewFinder can be purchased for $5.00 per assessment.
How do I purchase The ViewFinder?


Great leaders and high performing organizations rely on the ViewFinder to help them accomplish the great commission, share the Gospel, transform culture, and increase impact for Christ.

We recommend participants utilize a tablet or computer rather than a phone to take the ViewFinder assessment.

To register for the ViewFinder as an individual or organization

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Whether you are interested in the ViewFinder for yourself or empowering others,
we can help.

If you have additional questions, email or call 540-890-8900.

Use the ViewFinder Assessment as a Worldview Discovery & Development Tool


Step 1: Take the ViewFinder Assessment


During this 30-45 minute online assessment you will see thirty questions with four multiple choice options. The ViewFinder assesses six categories of biblical worldview.


Step 2: Get your ViewFinder Results


Completing the assessment is only part of the process. Your report will help you understand your beliefs better and identify potential blind spots.


Step 3: Develop a Plan for Growth


Use your ViewFinder results to help you grow. Read Essentials of a Biblical Worldview to understand your results. Use the recommended reading list to find resources that will help you or others grow in worldview development.

What is The ViewFinder?

Renewanation created a tool to help schools, churches, and families measure biblical worldview development. The ViewFinder is a discovery and development tool designed to help teenagers and adults understand what they believe about six areas of biblical worldview: God, the Bible, moral order, purpose, creation, and humanity.

The ViewFinder consists of thirty real life moral dilemmas with four multiple choice answers for each question that allows individuals to consider not only what they believe, but how they would respond if they found themselves in a similar situation. An individual’s actual worldview is determined by how a person lives, so the questions in this tool seek to blend beliefs with actions.

Many Christians are smart enough to determine the “right” answer on an assessment, yet they may not love Jesus or live in a way that honors God. This reality did not dissuade Jesus from pointedly assessing the beliefs of individuals. In Matthew 9:28 Jesus asked two followers, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” In Mark 8:29 Jesus asked the twelve disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Jesus assessed the beliefs of his followers and The ViewFinder strives to provide you with a tool to do the same.

Beliefs are important, but they aren’t the whole picture. Our goal is to help individuals align themselves with God’s Word, both in belief and action. The Bible is concerned with what we believe and how we live. Paul instructs young Timothy, “Watch your life and doctrine closely” (1 Tim. 4:16). Jesus summarized discipleship when He stated, “follow me” and “teach them to obey all that I command” (Matt. 4:19; 28:20). Jesus calls His followers to live in obedience to God. We have developed a tool that helps individuals not only discover what they believe, but encourages growth as a follower of Christ.

Why should you utilize The ViewFinder?


The ViewFinder assessment unlocks your worldview DNA and helps you articulate a clear, consistent biblical worldview framework. The ViewFinder will help you evaluate the unique way that you think and live as well as provide the following benefits.


Provides insight. How do you know if your teachers, your church leaders, or your teens are developing a biblical worldview? How do you know if a potential hire aligns doctrinally with your organization? The ViewFinder provides you with a way to objectively assess the current state so that you are not relying on an educated guess. The Viewfinder will help you increase unity, lower attrition, encourage team engagement, and function as a discussion starter for staff.


A catalyst for growth. Lead your team or family to greater spiritual growth. One of your most important jobs is to shepherd others and develop your people. The ViewFinder can help individuals and organizations identify key areas of biblical worldview development. Every person has areas of growth potential. The ViewFinder may be a tool that God uses to help an individual grow in Christ-like maturity, move out of spiritual stagnation, recognize a blind spot and impact the world for Christ.


Rigorous validation. The ViewFinder was developed over an eighteen month process by Dr. Gary House, Dr. Josh Mulvihill, and Dr. Christian Overman. It consisted of three phases of validation: piloting the tool with over one thousand individuals, a face validity test with ministry leaders, and an expert panel of national worldview experts provided in-depth feedback including George Barna, Dr. Bryan Smith, Marty Machowski, Gene Mills, Cavin Harper, Dr. Glen Schultz, and many more. A good assessment accurately measures what it is attempting to measure. Our rigorous process eliminates problem areas and resulted in an excellent tool that provides an accurate snapshot for those who answer the questions honestly.


Digital. The ViewFinder is available digitally at and requires approximately 30-45 minutes to take. Results are delivered digitally, including explanations for each answer, a short book called Essentials of a Biblical Worldview and recommended reading lists to help individuals continue to grow in biblical worldview development.


What are these benefits worth to you, your family, or your organization? The truth is, you can’t afford not to utilize the ViewFinder. We make it easy to help individuals or organizations understand what they believe, have meaningful conversations, and continue to grow spiritually.


You can start today by purchasing the ViewFinder.

Who can take The ViewFinder?


The tool is available for single or group use and will be a valuable tool to help individuals develop a biblical worldview. The ViewFinder is useful for the following individuals:


Teachers or Administrators. Christian schools and churches use The ViewFinder as a tool for staff development, as portion of the interview process for potential hires, and as a way to train volunteers for effective ministry. The ViewFinder themes and categories give people a common language and vocabulary that can be used to communicate and understand one another. Utilize the ViewFinder as a tool to coach your team.


Parents and Grandparents. Christian leaders utilize The ViewFinder to train parents and grandparents to develop a biblical worldview so they can help their family do the same. Consider using The ViewFinder as part of a parenting class, a grandparenting conference, or have your families take The ViewFinder from the comfort of their own home as a catalyst to join a biblical worldview small group.


High School Students. Consider using The ViewFinder for a specific grade, an entire student population, a Sunday morning class, or at home with your teen. Generally, we recommend the test for ninth grade and older. There is no age minimum and can be given to a middle school student at your discretion.


Christian Leaders. The ViewFinder may be a valuable tool to help you to sharpen your thinking or to continue growing in Christ-like maturity.


The impact of using the ViewFinder is profound. Why? Because great things tend to happen when we live and lead based on the Bible.

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