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Philosophy of Education

Children will spend approximately 16,000 hours in school between kindergarten and twelfth grade, nearly 60 times as much as church. Many parents have not thought deeply about what the Bible commands with respect to education and have not explored what their children are learning in school. 

The issue is not public versus Christian or private versus homeschooling; the core issue is the philosophy of education that forms the basis for what a child learns. Any education that does not have its foundation rooted in the truths of Jesus Christ will lead to a faulty worldview. Only a biblically-based education will help a child develop a thoroughly biblical worldview.


Education in the Bible is holistic, predicated on the view that the fields of learning all find their place under the single umbrella of discovering God’s truth in God’s world.

Education is never religiously neutral. Non-Christian education which aligns primarily to a secular humanist worldview ignores or denies the existence of God throughout its curricula. This has led to a divide between what is taught at church (the Sacred) and what is taught elsewhere (the Secular).


Jeff Keaton

Author, Speaker

  • Six Reasons Why We Must Give Our Children  & Grandchildren a Biblical Worldview

  • Battling for Hearts and Minds,

  • Preparing Our Children to Thrive in Babylon

  •  What’s the Big Deal About Worldview?

At RenewaNation, we are inspiring and equipping educators to teach and mentor from a biblical perspective in every area of concentration. Aligning the worldview shaping in schools with what is being taught at home and church will form the consistency needed to develop our children into solid disciples of Christ and bring light to an increasingly dark culture.

Jeff Keaton, Founder, President and CEO of RenewaNation, has sparked an awakening across the country in churches, schools, and conferences for the vision of children developing a biblical worldview. 


Jeff's passion for Christian education and biblical worldview discipleship is evident in his energetic messages to start new Christian schools, strengthen established Christian Schools, and train educators to teach from a biblical worldview foundation. Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Heads of Schools, and Pastors alike have been inspired to take action in the biblical worldview development of the children in their care.


Drive home the value of Christian education when you partner with RenewaNation by hosting an event to inspire your families with these powerful messages. 

Many Christian schools deepen their relationship with families by distributing The Renewanation Review Magazine to demonstrate the value of Christian education. This significant impact opportunity is possible at no cost to your school due to the generosity of donors of RenewaNation - only pay for shipping in bulk! 

The RenewaNation Review is a full-color magazine filled with insightful articles that present and defend a Biblical worldview and the importance of training the next generation to know, love, and serve Christ. 

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There is a spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of our children and it’s being fought in classrooms across the country. 


The need for strong, biblical education alternatives has never been greater. Parents and churches across the country are frustrated with the lack of options to help educate children in alignment with biblical values. Many of these are ready to Launch a Christian School, but they do not know how or where to start.

Are you a pastor, have experience as a school administrator or faculty, and are looking to start a Christian School in your church or community? 

With over a decade of experience of launching Christian schools throughout the United States and abroad, RenewaNation has curated a collection of best practices and proven templates into a module-based program. Contact RenewaNation to get started with a one-on-one coach who will guide your team to confidently build a sustainable Christian school. 


Over the past decade, RenewaNation has partnered with Christian schools nationwide to help them develop the processes and capabilities needed to become thriving, sustainable organizations. Our proven, three-phase approach for Christian School Renewal includes on-site assessment, strategic deployment planning, and ongoing coaching accountability. Our seasoned, engaging Christian school leaders have helped dozens of leadership teams navigate the rewarding journey to becoming God-honoring, transformational Christian schools.

Contact RenewaNation to get started with a coach who will support you every step of the way to achieve a thriving Christian school.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.
1 TIMOTHY 3:16-17


We know that supporting the professional development of your faculty and staff is a priority. RenewaNation has developed a solution to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) approved through ACTS and ACSI with the completion of RenewaNation Educator Advancement Program (REAP) Training Modules through our digital platform, RenewU

As an organizational subscriber to RenewU, you can provide accounts to the faculty and staff of your school giving them full access to a vault of sound resources to strengthen and encourage biblical worldview instruction.


REAP Training via RenewU

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RAAN23012_Products-Services_Guide_LeaveBehind_8X8_FINALREVIEW_pg - school resources -


How Worldviews Shape Values, Behavior, & Culture by Dr. Christian Overman


As biblical educators tasked with discipling the hearts and minds of our students, we need to continually

equip ourselves with both scriptural and historical wisdom. Based on the book by Dr. Christian Overman, this study with current video clips from the author will provide a detailed understanding of the cultures and philosophies that have formed today's predominant worldviews. He will help you explore a truly biblical philosophy of education and apply a biblical worldview strategically and systematically in your life and classroom.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available upon completion.  


Building the Foundation for Biblical Worldview Instruction

Developed by Tonya Gordon,  Director of RenewaNation’s Educator Advancement Program (REAP), this training series goes beyond formulaic “incorporation.” It authentically equips Christian educators with a scriptural view of God’s created world, of teaching as a Great Commission calling, and of students’ Kingdom identity and purpose. This instruction will provide teachers with the foundational training in teaching all areas of concentration from a biblical worldview.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available upon completion.

RenewaNation is partnering with schools to use The ViewFinder™ to assist in the biblical worldview development of their faculty, staff and students. 

Consisting of thirty real-life moral dilemmas with four multiple-choice answers for each question that allows individuals to consider not only what they believe, but how they would respond if they found themselves in a similar situation.

Many schools actively incorporate it into their curriculum as a means to explore real-world scenarios from the perspective of a biblical worldview, seeking to blend beliefs with actions. 


Use the ViewFinder™ Assessment as a Worldview Discovery & Development Tool 

Schools can register as a group, and after each participant has completed the assessment both the participant and the school will receive a summary report via email.

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iLumenEd is designed to partner with your school so you can prioritize the relationship with your families and provide a great academic experience for your learners. 


Today, iLumenEd is supporting Christian schools with these offerings:

  • A la carte options for schools needing to "fill-in-the-blanks" due to scheduling conflicts, courses not currently offered, or lack of a certified educator in a particular course

  • Synchronous (live) and Asynchronous (recorded) options for either full course offerings or a la carte options

  • A live, virtual classroom experience for those students who want to be a part of student life at the brick-and-mortar, but would prefer to partake in virtual learning

  • One-on-one career or college planning beginning in middle school

Learn more at

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