Our Next Step is to see 1 million children developing a biblical worldview by the end of 2029.


Speaking We are honored to speak across America to several thousand people each year as evangelists for the cause of biblical worldview education. As a result of these presentations, parents enroll new students in Christian schools or begin to homeschool. Pastors begin to better understand their need to educate their parents to the key role education is playing in shaping the worldview of their children. Educators are being awakened, and some are joining the cause by starting new Christian schools or joining the faculty of an existing Christian school. Donors are getting behind Christian education ministries as they better understand the influence biblical worldview education can have on our culture and country. Click here for more information about scheduling a Renewanation speaker. The Renewanation Review Magazine Thousands of people all across America are reached with the message of biblical worldview education through our magazine each year. The Renewanation Review is a 48 page, full-color magazine published each spring and fall. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to provide this magazine at very little cost to schools, churches, and parents. Each issue is filled with powerful articles that help parents understand the importance of giving their children a biblical worldview education. Many say this magazine has become the best voice for Christian education in America. Click here to contact us about getting The Renewanation Review magazine. Writing & Social Media Through continual online outreach, we work to influence thousands of parents and pastors to see the critical need of helping children develop a biblical worldview. Resource Production Click here to learn more about our Biblical Worldview Toolkit, books, and other resources. BWV Assessment Our Biblical Worldview assessment, The ViewFinder, is a Biblical Worldview discovery and development tool for individuals, schools,and churches. Learn more.


We are currently providing scholarships for children through four different programs: Our General Scholarship Program is funded by passionate donors who have joined our team and desire to impact the life of a student by providing them with a biblical worldview education. Mayor’s Military Kids: This fund provides scholarships for the children of wounded warriors, active duty, and those who have been killed in action. Virginia Tax Credit Program: Individuals and businesses in the state of Virginia can donate to this program and receive a 65% credit towards their state tax bill. 90% of all donations given to this program are given directly as tuition scholarships to students attending local Christian schools. Kansas SGO: We’re growing strong communities in Kansas by connecting businesses, families, and quality Christian schools. This scholarship program is offered in conjunction with the Kansas Education Improvement Tax Credit Program. Qualified donors receive Kansas state tax credit for their contributions to this fund. Click here for more information about our Scholarship Programs.

Church and Family Ministry

Well-meaning churches across America are struggling to help the children in their care fully develop a biblical worldview. With the overwhelming influences of secular media and schools and the simple fact that churches have only an hour or two each week with their students, we are losing far too many of our children. At Renewanation, we are excited to introduce a ministry division designed to help churches win the hearts and minds of their children for Christ. Family Ministry Revitalization Our Church Revitalization process consists of 3 phases: Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Implementation, and helps churches integrate a Bible-based set of core truths into its curriculum, classrooms, volunteer training, and homes.​ Learn More. Biblical Worldview Parent & Grandparent Conferences Our BWV Parent and Grandparent Conferences explain the biblical role of parents and grandparents, share groundbreaking research that will give a parents/grandparents a vision to impact the next generation for Christ, and provide practical methods to disciple children and grandchildren. Learn more. Biblical Worldview Pastor Training

Held at our own Manderley Camp, our Biblical Worldview Pastor Trainings provide the knowledge and tools pastors need to share a Biblical Worldview with their congregations. Learn More.

Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center

Through a generous supporter who cares passionately about children, God has provided Renewanation with 800 acres in the state of Tennessee. On this beautiful mountain property, children and adults can be trained to think from a biblical perspective. Learn more. Biblical Worldview Training Our Biblical Worldview Training Camps provide pastors and teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to teach a Biblical Worldview to children and adults. Our new BWV Student Camps go deep into God's Word teaching what it means to have a Biblical Worldview and how to practically apply this worldview in your day to day life. Learn more. Donor Development Training If your donor relations program needs a major overhaul, or simply some fine tuning, these three days at Manderley Camp are just for you. You will leave this event with a new passion and plan to build phenomenal relationships that will change the trajectory of your ministry. Learn more.

Christian Education

Christian School Startup

We must start new Christian schools to service the growing number of students who will be seeking biblical worldview education in the coming years. Click here to read Jeff Keaton's article entitled How to Start a New Christian School with Limited Funds.

Many communities are interested in starting schools but simply don’t know where to start. At Renewanation, we have joined with other ministries to best determine the path for new startups. We are prepared to help communities take the step toward starting a successful Christian school. Click here for more information about our Christian School Startup program.

Christian School Revitalization

Many Christian schools are struggling to thrive and even survive. After traveling across America and meeting with the leaders of many schools, our leaders felt led to start a program specifically designed to revitalize schools.

This program is built around three phases:
1. Evaluation and Assessment
2. Strategic Planning
3. Implementation and Ongoing Coaching

If your school is in need of renewal, click here to read more details about this program.

Homeschool Startups & Coaching

Our Homeschool Support Division is growing as we prepare new resources to aid and support homeschooling homes to train their children with a biblical worldview. Click here for more information.

Biblical Worldview Teacher Training

Held at our own Manderley Camp, our Biblical Worldview Teacher Trainings provide the knowledge and tools teachers need to provide children with a Biblical Worldview. Learn More.