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Take a break from parenting with a Weekend Away!

Parenting is a journey filled with joys and challenges. The happiest and most impactful parents are those who commit to learning God’s design for the home and the skills to raise children who become mature adults who know, love, and serve Christ.


Why Host?

Couples and single parents attend Parenting with a Plan because they’re ready to intentionally invest in their children and want to move toward a biblical vision for parenting. We help individuals understand God’s blueprint for parenting and implement a practical plan for ones home. Parents will have time to connect, pray, and learn. This small investment of time can make an eternal impact on our children.

Here’s the Plan

Each getaway begins Friday evening and continues through noon on Saturday. It’s filled with helpful group sessions and alone time with ones spouse. Individuals won’t be asked to publicly share any intimate information. Parents will have time to complete special projects designed to help them create a discipleship plan for their home and grow as a parent.


Everyone is Welcome

Parenting with a Plan is built upon timeless biblical principles that provide the foundation for all ages and stages of parenting. Whether a child is one or eighteen years old, Parenting with a Plan will inspire, encourage, and equip parents for the next season of parenting. We invite anyone to attend: single, divorced, blended family, married without children, expecting, young families, parents with teens, and seasoned parents.

Our Speakers

You will hear from Josh & Jen Mulvihill, seasoned parents of five children, who practice what they preach. They love God’s Word and present biblical principles to help you parent in a way that leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come. They are dynamic, fun, and authentic.



We want to be the best parent possible! But life got busy and raising children is full of ups and downs.


Our two day weekend getaway encourages parents to invest in family and grow as a parent—no matter the age, stage, or status.


Great parenting doesn’t just happen. Be intentional about parenting. Join us for Parenting with a Plan to do what matters most.

What will parents learn?

  • Capture a biblical vision for parenting.

  • Develop a discipleship plan for your children for the next year.

  • Understand the importance of giving your child a biblical worldview.

  • Increase your commitment to being an intentional disciple-making parent.

  • Learn practical skills to raise children to become godly, mature adults.

  • Create memories with a spouse.

Parents will listen to parenting experts share about their parenting journey and provide engaging biblical principles that can be applied to your family. Attendees will get to spend time with their spouse, or as a single parent, in guided projects to implement the concepts that have been discussed.


Individuals will go home with some powerful tools and a biblical plan to help them disciple their child with a biblical worldview. Parents will also have the opportunity take a break from their children, plan, and create meaningful memories.

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What it’s Not

This isn’t a group counseling session or small group discussion. Individuals won’t be asked to share personal information with others.


Get Away to Grow and Connect

Parenting with a Plan is a lot more fun if it actually happens! No more diapers, dishes, or email for a few days. We are better parents when we have a break, are rested, and have a discipleship plan with practical application.



It’s a small investment that can result in an eternal impact for your child.


Host a Parenting with a Plan Weekend
If you are interested in learning more about bringing Parenting with a Plan to your city, church, or school contact us at We would love to partner with you to bless families.

Attendees gain vision, clarity, confidence, and a discipleship plan. With this small investment, parents seize opportunities, strengthen the parent-child relationship,  and prioritize the things that matter most in light of eternity. It’s a parenting event that pays for itself.