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Our Vision

To transform our culture by giving millions of children a biblical worldview

Our Mission

To inspire and equip the family, church and school  to give millions of children a biblical worldview

RenewaNation is accomplishing our vision and mission through the following means in families, churches, and schools.


Our Impact

Children form concepts of truth based primarily on the influence of friends, family, media, and from what they are taught at school.

A child who develops a biblical worldview as a result of Renewanation’s impact will be:

  • a committed follower of Jesus Christ with a strong biblical worldview

  • a responsible citizen who appreciates America’s Christian heritage    and works to strengthen that influence on government and in every sphere of culture

  • a person of principle and character that adds value to those around them

  • able to confidently and lovingly defend and share their Christian faith

  • able to continue their education if they choose to do so and become a productive citizen that improves society through God’s calling on their life

What is a Worldview?

Our worldview is the “big picture” and culmination of all our beliefs. It is the way we understand reality.


The battle for the soul of America is being fought in the arena of worldviews.




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