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Christian School Renewal

Jesus Christ is the foundation of a Christian school, and long-term sustainability of a Christian school will be dependent on the strength of both its philosophy and its leadership.

The Renewanation Christian School Renewal Program was established to improve the strength and sustainability of Christian schools so they can become thriving, God-centered Christian schools. Read our collection of articles on Christian School Revitalization.

Christian School Pyramid of Stability

These models serve as the basis for both Renewanation’s Christian School Revitalization and Christian School Startup Programs. Stability for each pillar rests on the strength and submission of its foundation.



Renewanation has developed a Christian School Revitalization Program to partner with schools that are either struggling or have a passion to improve and grow. We use a 3-phase process of assessment, strategic planning, and implementation to support schools through revitalization. The process will typically span a period of two to three years as we coach and guide schools in the processes and tools needed to expand their opportunities to reach the next generation with a thoroughly biblical worldview education.

3-Phase Process



Assessment Process

During the first phase, Renewanation uses a structured approach, utilizing tools from both education and industry, to assess all facets of a Christian school. We identify critical gaps and assess the current state of the school against known best practices, pinpointing significant opportunities for improvement. The outcome of this assessment serves as the initial feed for the second phase of revitalization, the strategic planning process. 

Strategic Deployment

Renewanation staff will guide the school through both the planning process as well as the development of a strategic deployment plan. Partnerships with various subject matter experts in Christian education may also be used to help address significant gaps or opportunities during the third phase of implementation.


Once the assessment and strategic deployment processes have been completed, the school will have tiger teams in place to address the gaps and opportunities that have been identified. The leaders of each tiger team meet via video conference with their Renewanation coach on a regular basis. This coaching that spans for 24-36 months guarantees that the new strategic deployment plan is implemented.

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Contact Us

If you have questions or would like more information about Renewanation’s Christian School Revitalization program, please contact Ron Gordon at


To initiate the Christian School Revitalization process, please complete our online application.

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