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Discipleship Starts at Home

Perspectives about life and views of the world are primarily formed at home during childhood and adolescence. It is parents and grandparents whom God has designed to primarily disciple children.

According to the Bible, parents have been given the primary role of discipling children to maturity in Christ. Research reveals that parents know it’s their responsibility to disciple a child, yet this understanding has not translated to sustained activity at home. Most parents lack a biblical, God-honoring plan and have a home that is light on discipling.

The question isn’t will a young person have a worldview, but whether it will be based on biblical precepts or something else. Our best opportunity to influence the process of biblical worldview shaping is during these formative years.


Get Inspired 

  • better understand the beauty of biblical worldview

  • why it is so important to pass it on 

  • powerful stories that challenge, motivate and encourage 

  • invest heavily in the worldview development of children

The ViewFinder™ consists of thirty real life moral dilemmas with four multiple choice answers for each question that allows individuals to consider not only what they believe, but how they would respond if they found themselves in a similar situation. Gain insight of how an individual’s actual worldview is determined (by how a person lives). The questions in this tool seek to blend beliefs with actions.


Use The ViewFinder™ Assessment as a Worldview Discovery & Development Tool 

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Stay current by subscribing to a 30-minute video podcast, hosted by Ben Schettler, which will be launching in late 2023.  This will be a weekly resource to equip parents, grandparents, educators, and pastors to think and live biblically, and in sharing a biblical worldview with the children in their care. Subject matter experts from a biblical perspective on a wide range of topics will be featured in these weekly episodes including our own RenewaNation staff and partners. 

Young people must see the connection between what they believe and how they live.

Young people have bits and pieces of the truth but have never been taught the Bible comprehensively. 

Children need to know the key people, themes, and stories of the Bible as well as the core doctrines of Christianity. Children also need to be trained to think biblically about economics, justice, friendship, gender, and matters of life. 

As a guide for parents, 50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home will chart a course to holistically disciple children into mature, godly adulthood.  It’s designed to help establish a plan and be proactive for each season of the parenting journey. It captures a biblical vision for parenting and guides parents to create a customized discipleship plan for their children. It is a great resource for baby dedications, parenting classes, small group studies, and is a foundational book for every parent no matter the age or stage of parenting.


"This book is a game changer.             A must-have in equipping parents to raise children with lifelong faith in Christ. Highly recommend it!"  


Pat WilliamsNBA Hall of Famer

and Author of over 120 Books

A deep and lasting faith begins with a biblical worldview. Anyone that leads children in spiritual development would benefit from the foundational book, Biblical Worldview  by Dr. Josh Mulvihill.  Teaching what a biblical worldview is, why it matters, and how to establish this foundation in the life of a child,  this core resource for any Christian library presents practical tools and ideas to lead children to a lifelong faith in Jesus and a fruitful ministry serving him in the world.

The accompanying study guide is a valuable asset for facilitating large and small group studies, introducing the topic of biblical worldview, equipping with a compelling vision for biblical worldview development and training to teach biblical worldview using four simple words: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration.


Christians can further understand and develop their position with a biblical worldview and explore even more deeply the lasting impact of passing it on to future generations.

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"A clear, powerful, truthful book that is critically important to internalize as you answer God’s call to 'bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord' (Ephesians 6:4b)."

DAVID WHEATON, Author and Host of

The Christian Worldview Radio Program

The goal of parenting and grandparenting is salvation and sanctification of children as well as maturity into the likeness of Christ. Discipleship should first, and foremost, start early and often  in the home.  

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Grandparenting Matters Series 
Give grandchildren something that will truly last: a firm spiritual foundation and a close personal relationship they will cherish forever. Find these and more resources from the Grandparenting Matters Series.

It takes a family to develop a biblical worldview.


The Biblical Parenting Video Series

and Conference helps parents capture a biblical vision to raise their children with lifelong faith in Christ and create

a customized discipleship plan for

each child. 

Self-paced, Online Course via RenewU

You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.


RenewaNation offers several scholarship programs to help support families with a greater opportunity to access Christian education alternatives. As an approved scholarship granting organization (SGO) in both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Kansas, RenewaNation provides an avenue for individual donors as well as businesses to receive qualified tax credits, while providing eligible children a financial path to attend a Christian school.

Are you searching for a biblically-based education for your children? Then check out iLumenEd, our nationally accredited 6th-12th grade online program with live classes and students from around the world.

There is a spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of our children and it’s being fought in classrooms across the country. 

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