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Virginia Tax Credit Scholarship Program Informational Session

From left to right: Airic Briggs (FBTA Secondary School Supervisor), Jay Bradford (FBTA Administrator), and Curtis Cornell (Renewanation Director of Scholarship Development)

Renewanation was privileged on October 23rd to partner with Fairfax Baptist Temple in Fairfax Station, Virginia to present a Virginia Tax Credit Scholarship Program informational session. The emphasis of the seminar centered on maximizing the benefits afforded to contributors and schools. Administrator Jay Bradford and Secondary School Supervisor Airic Briggs recognized the opportunity to better utilize the program and invited members of the community and the school to take part. Participants learned how schools may increase scholarship opportunities for more children seeking a biblical worldview education and how contributors can receive significant tax credits to use toward individual and/or business taxable income. The outcome of the meeting was met with unanimous support in recognition of the benefits and positive impact the program has on the lives of children and families. Renewanation is excited to expand this program with Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy and other qualifying schools throughout Virginia. For more information on how this powerful opportunity impacts children, schools, and contributors in your area, please contact Curtis Cornell at


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