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Understanding the Socialist Worldview

Mark Koscak

In 1921, Antonio Gramsci, a committed Marxist, organized the Italian Communist Party. Like all Marxists, his worldview was anti-God, anti-family, and anti-capitalist. Gramsci learned that western society with its Judeo-Christian foundation, and institutions built on this foundation, provided the stability that prevented the implementation of ideas like Marxism.

Gramsci realized that to implement Marxism in the West, his strategy would have to undermine the Christian worldview and its foundations. With this goal in mind, Gramsci developed a plan for a gradual, silent revolution based on deception. Manipulation and infiltration were key aspects of this strategy and also included a secret effort to have communist warriors invade positions of influence in universities, seminaries, government, media, and ultimately, each of the pillars of society.


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