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Understanding the Chaos

By Jeff Keaton

We live in a chaotic world. It’s hard to make sense of much of what is happening. Every day another outlandish and unbiblical idea is embraced and celebrated by leaders in our world. Sometimes it can seem absolutely overwhelming. However, we must not get swallowed up in the absurdity, for we know the truth, and the truth sets us free. The truth we find in the person of Jesus, through the Word of God, is absolutely liberating.

The biblical worldview makes sense in the day to day grind of the real world. Order your life by God’s Word, and you will find peace and hope. Order your family by God’s Word, and your children will mature into adults who find their purpose and meaning in life. Order your business by God’s Word, and you will experience productivity and God’s blessings. It’s really not that complicated. When we surrender our lives fully to God’s will and ways, we can find peace in the midst of the storm that is raging around us.


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