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Tremendous Donor Development Training Camp - 3/1/18

On March 1, we welcomed 22 organizations to our Donor Development Boot Camp at Manderley Christian Camp in Tennessee. We were honored to have schools that have from 1000 to 60 students enrolled. We also welcomed the leaders of a number of other great ministries that are directly impacting the lives of children around the world. 

You might ask, “Why are you making an emphasis on donor development training?” It’s very simple. All schools and ministries that are reaching children need more fuel (funds) to impact more children. We are passionate about helping these organizations in a comprehensive way. When we help them better connect with people whom God has blessed with resources, they are empowered to change more kids’ lives. We were once again blessed to have Zach Clark as our coach and instructor. We are confident many new kids will develop a biblical worldview as a result of this camp. If you would like to attend our next training, it will be held September 20-22. Contact Judy Ralph at for more details. Register here.

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