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The Battle is Hot, but Hope is Not Lost!

By Jeff Keaton

I’ve been a student of American culture for most of my 51 years, and I can honestly say that I have never witnessed anything like we see today. Social media has pulled everyone and every opinion out of hiding and into the mainstream. Some want to blame social media, and it surely has its problems, however, in some ways, it is only revealing what has been developing beneath the surface and behind closed doors for decades.

The worldview divide is now so wide that it’s hard to even have a sensible conversation or debate around issues like the role of government, education, abortion, transgenderism, etc. What we are seeing is the devolving of a truth based, Judeo-Christian culture and the evolving of a non-truth based, secularized culture. If you want to read a very good assessment of what is happening, I highly recommend John Dickerson’s book Hope of Nations. I recently read this book, and he accurately and honestly reflects the challenges we face while at the same time prescribing a hopeful path forward. John is also a Millennial, which makes his message even more powerful to our younger generations.


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