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Tax Credit Scholarship Highlight: Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy

From left: Ron Gordon (Executive Vice President & COO of Renewanation), Lincoln Bryan (Administrator of SMLCA)

Since 2015, Renewanation has been a qualified Scholarship Granting Organization. In 2016, we were privileged to raise $968,000 for this program. Over the next few months, we are highlighting our growing network of Christian schools we support through the Virginia Education Scholarships Tax Credit program.

Renewanation has been privileged to provide one of our partner schools, Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy (SMLCA), with tuition support for 46 students this semester. Lincoln Bryan, SMLCA Administrator, gratefully received the scholarship awards on behalf of these families.

Founded in 2008, SMLCA is the only Christian school centered in the Smith Mountain Lake community. More than doubling in enrollment over the past two years, the school currently enjoys an enrollment of 137 students and is forecasting another 20%+ increase this coming school year. SMLCA strives to make a profound impact for Christ on each and every student they are blessed to shepherd. From the classroom to the ball field, to the concert hall and to the community, SMLCA seeks to shape the next generation into the image of our Creator God. They are currently proceeding through the accreditation process and expect to be fully accredited through ACTS (Association of Christian Teachers and Schools) for the 2017-18 school year.


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