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In God We Trust: America’s Historic Sites Reveal Her Christian Foundations

By Stephen McDowell

Throughout history many nations have built monuments to record victories in battle and people conquered. Numerous countries have erected memorials to honor their gods, be they human leaders or fictitious deities. Every nation’s monuments and national symbols reflect the heart of the people and identify what they believe is the source of their nation’s greatness and achievements. In this respect America is unique among the nations of the world. Our monuments have no record of people or nations conquered or military encounters resulting in destruction of cities and empires. America’s monuments and symbols contain the declaration that the source of our birth, liberty, and greatness is God.

A tour of historic sites in America, and particularly the Capital city, reveals that America was a nation birthed by men who had a firm reliance upon Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ. Inscribed upon our buildings, monuments, and national symbols is our nation’s faith in God. A sampling of this evidence seen in some of our monuments and buildings in Washington, D.C., follows.


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