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Parents Beware: YouTube Kids Not Safe for Consumption

By Jen Wooldridge

While concerns are being raised over junk food being overly promoted on YouTube, more sinister content is specifically aimed at kids that many parents are unlikely aware of.(1) YouTube Kids brands itself as an “app made just for kids” and claims the app will provide a “safer online experience for kids.”(2) While the app provides more parental controls than the standard YouTube app, it’s not the safe “contained environment” it claims to be.

This shocking video highlights how YouTube Kids is grooming children with LGBTQ ideology.(3) The preschool setting was “designed with children aged 4 and under in mind” and will include “educational videos on sexual and gender identity.”(4) Content for older ages also includes these themes and sex education videos.

A glance at YouTube Kids’ “best practices for child and family content” also reveals their commitment to other unbiblical ideologies like DEI: “Diversity, equity and inclusion: This content celebrates and encourages representation and participation of diverse perspectives and groups of people. It shows a range of ages, genders, races, religions and sexual orientations. It also advocates for equal treatment of those differences. Examples include content that discusses the benefits of diversity and inclusion or depicts stories/characters where these themes are demonstrated.”(5) While equality is biblical, equity demands equal outcomes according to identity groups.

YouTube Kids’ best practices also promote Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) with their innocuous-sounding principle: “Interaction with real-world issues: This content includes life lessons and strong characters or encourages building social-emotional skills, problem solving and independent thinking. It often includes a complete narrative (like character development, plot and resolution) and a clear takeaway or lesson.” Parents unaware of the unbiblical ideas of Social-Emotional Learning will likely welcome these life lessons taught by YouTube Kids. The lessons SEL teaches contain controversial ideologies like DEI, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Inclusion, Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE), and more. See this article for more information about the dangers of SEL and DEI.

Junk food manufacturers adorn their products in bright and attention-grabbing packages because they know it’s harmful to our health to consume too much junk food regularly. YouTube Kids also comes wrapped in an attractive package as a fun educational experience for kids “to explore on their own.” Close examination of the package’s content exposes the poison YouTube Kids offers our children.



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It is indeed a concerning issue that inappropriate or harmful content can sometimes find its way onto platforms like YouTube Kids, despite the efforts made to create a safer environment for children. Only educational and children's channels should be popularized for children, in particular through the YouTube promotion service -

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