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How Many Must We Lose?

By Jeff Keaton – Founder, CEO & President of Renewanation

Recently, I was meeting with a Renewanation partner in a Roanoke restaurant. A man, woman, and a college-aged young lady sat down in the booth next to us. Because of the volume of their conversation, I couldn’t help but overhear their scenario. The young lady was the daughter of the older lady, and the man seemed to be her uncle. He asked the younger lady how her views had changed since she had gone to college. Immediately she said, “My mother and I do not see eye to eye now on some issues.” She then proceeded to tell how she now believed it was a woman’s right to choose abortion. Her uncle, who was a pretty sharp thinker and debater, began to challenge her thinking from a biblical perspective. However, the young lady’s mind was made up. The divide between her uncle’s biblical worldview and her newly adopted unbiblical worldview was wide. This girl is representative of millions of young people who were raised in Christian homes only to abandon their biblical belief system as a result of an educational system that does not teach them the truth. Parents, if our kids make it to Harvard but fail to make it to heaven, we will have failed miserably. Many Christians believe that how you educate a child before college really doesn’t matter. However, most Christian students who abandon the faith in college, do so because their faith was eroded and not properly established in their K-12 years. I invite you to join our cause to give millions of new K-12 students a biblical worldview. We need your prayers and your financial support.


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