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Christian Homeschool Support

Through our Christian Education Divisions (Christian School Startups, Christian School Revitalization, and Christian Homeschool Support), we expand and support biblical worldview education. Our Homeschool Support Division is growing as we prepare new resources to aid and support homeschooling homes to train their children with a biblical worldview.

Our Biblical Worldview Toolkit provides Bible-based, Christ-centered resources to help families, churches, and schools intentionally teach the next generation key truths of Scripture. The toolkit includes 10 resources that will equip you to integrate biblical truth into your home and impress God’s word into young hearts.


Our blog contains articles that will help parents to engage with their children through education to give them a fully biblical worldview, training them to know, love, and serve Christ.

Suggested Resources

Renewanation provides these links as an informational resource only. Inclusion of a link does not constitute endorsement of the organization.

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