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Christian Homeschool Support

Through our Christian Education Divisions (Christian School Startups, Christian School Revitalization, and Christian Homeschool Support), we expand and support biblical worldview education. Our Homeschool Support Division is growing as we prepare new resources to aid and support homeschooling homes to train their children with a biblical worldview.

Our Biblical Worldview Toolkit provides Bible-based, Christ-centered resources to help families, churches, and schools intentionally teach the next generation key truths of Scripture. The toolkit includes 10 resources that will equip you to integrate biblical truth into your home and impress God’s word into young hearts.


Our blog contains articles that will help parents to engage with their children through education to give them a fully biblical worldview, training them to know, love, and serve Christ.

  • Promotion
    Speaking We are honored to speak across America to thousands of people each year as evangelists for the cause of giving children a biblical worldview. As a result of these presentations, parents, grandparents, pastors and educators are being moved on by the Holy Spirit to take new and significant action to give the children in their care a biblical worldview. Churches are shifting paradigms as it relates to family ministry and many are exploring ways to get involved in weekday education. Parents and grandparents are engaging in the worldview development of their children at home, in a brand new way, and many are re-thinking how their children are being educated at school. Grandparents are becoming intentional in their efforts to be involved in the spiritual development of their grandchildren and educators are choosing to teach from a true, biblical worldview approach. If you would like to ignite the hearts and minds of the people in your church or school with a passion for raising up a new generation of biblical worldview thinkers and leaders, contact us today to learn more about bringing a speaker to your area. Click here for more information about scheduling a RenewaNation speaker. The RenewaNation Review Magazine Thousands of people all across America are reached with the message of biblical worldview through our magazine each year. The RenewaNation Review is a full-color magazine published each spring and fall, along with a yearly Collingsworth Family Special Edition. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to provide this magazine at very little cost to schools, churches, parents, and grandparents. Each issue is filled with powerful articles that help parents understand the importance of giving their children a biblical worldview. Many say this magazine has become the best voice for Biblical Worldview Education in America. Click here to contact us about getting The RenewaNation Review magazine. Writing & Social Media Through continual online outreach, we work to influence thousands of parents and pastors to see the critical need of helping children develop a biblical worldview. Resource Production Click here to learn more about our Biblical Worldview books and other resources. BWV Assessment Our Biblical Worldview assessment, The ViewFinder, is a Biblical Worldview discovery and development tool for individuals, schools, and churches. This tool is also available in Spanish. Learn more.
  • Christian Education
    iLumenEd Online Christian Academy Offering live, engaging, online learning to grades 6-12, highly qualified Christian educators are trained to immerse students in foundational coursework that is selected for purposeful academic rigor in biblical precepts. Fully Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools (ACTS) and Middle States Association (MSA), iLumenEd presents an educational alternative for homeschooling parents and expansion for brick-and-mortar Christian Schools, with a la carte or full-time course offerings. Visit to enroll today. Christian School Startup We must start new Christian schools to service the growing number of students who will be seeking biblical worldview education in the coming years. Click here to read Jeff Keaton's article entitled How to Start a New Christian School with Limited Funds. Many communities are interested in starting schools but simply don’t know where to start. At Renewanation, we have joined with other ministries to best determine the path for new startups. We are prepared to help communities take the step toward starting a successful Christian school. Contact Ron Gordon at or call (540) 890-8900 to find out more. Christian School Revitalization Many Christian schools are struggling to thrive and even survive. After traveling across America and meeting with the leaders of many schools, our leaders felt led to start a program specifically designed to revitalize schools. This program is built around three phases: 1. Evaluation and Assessment 2. Strategic Planning 3. Implementation and Ongoing Coaching If your school is in need of renewal,Contact Ron Gordon at or call (540) 890-8900 to find out more details about this program. Homeschool Startups & Coaching Our Homeschool Support Division is growing as we prepare new resources to aid and support homeschooling homes to train their children with a biblical worldview. Contact Tonya Gordon at or call (540) 890-8900. RenewaNation's Educator Advancement Program (REAP) Our Biblical Worldview Teacher Development Program provides the knowledge and tools teachers need to immerse every subject in a Biblical Worldview. Contact Tonya Gordon at or call (540) 890-8900 or visit to learn more.
  • Scholarships
    We are currently providing scholarships for children through four different programs: Our General Scholarship Program is funded by passionate donors who have joined our team and desire to impact the life of a student by providing them with a biblical worldview education. Mayor’s Military Kids: This fund provides scholarships for the children of wounded warriors, active duty, and those who have been killed in action. Virginia Tax Credit Program: Individuals and businesses in the state of Virginia can donate to this program and receive a 65% credit towards their state tax bill. 90% of all donations given to this program are given directly as tuition scholarships to students attending local Christian schools. Kansas SGO: We’re growing strong communities in Kansas by connecting businesses, families, and quality Christian schools. This scholarship program is offered in conjunction with the Kansas Education Improvement Tax Credit Program. Qualified donors receive Kansas state tax credit for their contributions to this fund. For more information contact Curtis Cornell at or call (540) 890-8900.
  • Church and Family Ministry
    Well-meaning churches across America are struggling to help the children in their care fully develop a biblical worldview. With the overwhelming influences of secular media and schools and the simple fact that churches have only an hour or two each week with their students, we are losing far too many of our children. At Renewanation, we are excited to introduce a ministry division designed to help churches win the hearts and minds of their children for Christ. Family Ministry Revitalization Our Church Revitalization process consists of 3 phases: Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Implementation, and helps churches integrate a Bible-based set of core truths into its curriculum, classrooms, volunteer training, and homes.​ Learn More. Biblical Worldview Parent & Grandparent Conferences Our BWV Parent and Grandparent Conferences explain the biblical role of parents and grandparents, share groundbreaking research that will give a parents/grandparents a vision to impact the next generation for Christ, and provide practical methods to disciple children and grandchildren. Learn more. Biblical Worldview Pastor Training Held at our own Manderley Camp, our Biblical Worldview Pastor Trainings provide the knowledge and tools pastors need to share a Biblical Worldview with their congregations. Learn More.
  • Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center
    Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center (MC4) is located outside of Pikeville, TN, and was established in 2017. Our campus rests on 800 beautiful acres on the side of the mountain that overlooks Manderley Farm and the Sequatchie Valley. Through the generosity of someone who wanted to see young people come to Christ and develop a biblical worldview, MC4 exists today. We are known for our passion to develop a stronger biblical worldview in our guests, scenic campus, conference level meals and refreshing hospitality. SUMMER CAMPS - The best week of the year is your week of summer camp! At MC4 we have three signature weeks and five custom weeks. There are children's weeks and teen weeks. Students have the opportunity to get unplugged away from distractions giving the Lord an opportunity to speak to their hearts. The emphasis is to introduce students to Christ and to develop their biblical worldview. This happens through chapels and devotional times around campus. Summer camps are also major on fun! Exciting and challenging activities including the zip line, frisbee golf, hiking and water events create an atmosphere where walls begin to come down so ministry becomes more effective. WEEKEND RETREATS AND EVENTS - Throughout the calendar year there are signature weekend events that MC4 hosts, including a Valentines Banquet, Manderley Man Camp, Worldview Weekends, Back-to-School retreats, Seasons Ladies Retreat and community banquets. Christian organizations can also rent available weekends where our staff prepares amazing meals and provides hospitality. We have 208 beds on our main campus in 26 cabin units. Each cabin has a full bathroom, heat and air, and a mini fridge. Our Lodge is 4500 square feet and is the perfect place for meals, fellowship and chapel. There is plenty of room to spread out on our activities field which is 120 yards by 120 yards. Next to the activities field is a lighted volleyball court and a large 80'x40' tent. If you are looking for more adventure we have a hiking trail to the pinnacle of our mountain rising to 2000 feet. Contact us today for more information or to book your next camp or retreat. We can't wait to see you on our mountain!

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