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Homeschool Starter Kit

Where you educate your children is a big decision. The Homeschool Starter Kit gives you the clarity and confidence to educate your children at home. Perfect for any parent who is new to homeschooling, this video series provides you the tools you need to get started.


Learn from experienced homeschool parents and educational experts who will help you avoid confusion and learn how to homeschool your children with a biblical worldview in a way that fits your unique family. Each session is short, ranging between three to fifteen minutes.


Begin your homeschooling journey today! The entire series is only $15 and can be watched from the comfort of your own home.  Watch the first two videos below for FREE!

Purchase the HOMESCHOOL STARTER KIT today!

This video has been deleted.
This video has been deleted.

15 Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

Dr. Josh Mulvihill, a seasoned homeschool father, encourages parents to trust God in the lifestyle of homeschooling. This one decision will redeem 16,000 hours of your children’s lives for God’s kingdom and prioritize family relationships when your children are young and impressionable. This session provides many reasons why you should homeschool—class size, socialization, better academics, the price is right, flexibility, family time, extra-curricular activies, limited homework, school in pajamas, and more!

(18 min)

Biblical Integration in Curriculum - Cov

Biblical Integration in Curriculum

Dr. Bryan Smith, Biblical Coordinator at BJU Press, will briefly explain four different levels of biblical integration. A critical topic for all homeschool parents to understand so that the Bible is not a seasoning to academics, but the foundation for all subject matter. Learn how to establish a strong biblical foundation and teach each subject from a biblical worldview.

(13 min)

Integrating Bible - Cover Photo.png

Integrating Bible

Everyone has to eat, so redeem mealtime by establishing a daily habit of Bible reading and prayer. Watch your children learn to love God and His Word. Heather Borntraeger, an educational consultant and former homeschool mom, challenges all parents to make God’s Word the foundation for all learning.


(2 min)

Intro to BJU Curriculum - Cover

Introduction to BJU Curriculum

Dr. Bryan Smith, Biblical Coordinator at BJU Press, discusses the importance of choosing textbooks that integrate the Bible with each subject. Learn how to teach math, science and other disciplines from a biblical worldview. Gain clarity about the purpose of education. Learn why the biblical command to take dominion over creation is important for education and hear examples about how to incorporate this concept into ethics, skills, and academics.


(6 min)

Life of a Homeschool Mom - Cover Photo.p

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Learn how to schedule your homeschool day while managing your home and caring for little children. Jen Mulvihill, a seasoned homeschool mother and music educator, will walk you through a typical day and help you adjust to the needs of a growing family from early childhood to middle school academics. She addresses the need for family discipleship, flexibility in scheduling, and the importance of routine as children study music, Bible, literature, and other subjects.


(7 min)

Literature Approach - Cover Photo.png

Literature Approach to Homeschooling

Jen Mulvihill, seasoned homeschool mother and music educator, communicates how the Bible and other great books lay the foundation for homeschool curriculum and family culture. Memorization, singing, reading aloud, and independent reading are important components of a literature-based approach to homeschool education.

(6 min)

Relevance of Genesis - Cover Photo.png

Relevance of Genesis to Biblical Worldview

Bryan Osborne, Answers in Genesis speaker and author, discusses how the Word of God is under attack from a secularized culture. He encourages parents to incorporate the essential truths of the book of Genesis into home education.

(4 min)

Sacred and Secular Divide - Cover Photo.

Sacred and Secular Divide

Former Christian school principal, speaker, and author, Dr. Overman explains how we tend to separate our world into sacred and secular arenas. Learn how all of life is God’s and how to instruct your children to seek God in all career paths and avenues of human interaction.

(5 min)

Teaching a Child to Read - Cover Photo.p

Teaching a Child to Read

Can parents teach their children to read? Yes! God will equip you to help your children learn to read His Word, prepare for a career, and be literate for His kingdom. Heather Walton, educational consultant and homeschool mother, explains the stages of learning to read and encourages parents to persevere in the process of equipping the next generation to read for God’s glory.

(9 min)

Teaching Math - Cover Photo.png

Teaching Math with Biblical Foundations

Discover how God uses mathematical principles to explain His characteristics of orderliness and design in this universal language. Heather Borntraeger, educational consultant and veteran homeschooling mother, helps connect math to biblical worldview truth so your child can communicate fluently with this logical and detailed discipline.

(6 min)