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Which Worldview is Your Child Learning?

Every adult has a fully developed worldview. That is, they see all of life through a certain set of lenses. Every child is currently developing a worldview, and that worldview will be fully in place by the early teen years. They will either develop a biblical worldview or something other than a biblical worldview.


In the chart below, we show just a few of the fundamental differences between what students in Christian education are taught and what students in non-Christian education are taught. 16,000 hours of training, from Kindergarten - 12th grade, plays a major role in which worldview a child will develop.

Christian Worldview

  • God exists. God is the center of all things.

  • God created the world and all that is in it. One cannot fully understand the created without some understanding of the Creator.

  • God created mankind in His image. Every person has intrinsic value and a divine purpose in life.

  • All morality comes from the nature of God and is revealed to us in the Bible. The Bible is the absolute standard of right and wrong.

  • God loves every person and cares deeply for humanity.

  • Man is responsible and will be held accountable for himself and his stewardship of all God’s creation.

  • God has given every person a never-dying soul that will one day stand before God and receive its just reward.

Secular Worldview

  • God does not exist. Man is the center of all things.

  • The universe and life came into existence through random chance. There is no designer.

  • There is no ultimate purpose for man’s existence. We create our own destiny.

  • Morality is relative and changes according to man’s needs and desires. There is no absolute standard of right and wrong.

  • Human beings are on their own. Life is sustained by survival of the fittest. The strong live. The weak die.

  • Man will not be held accountable by a higher power at the end of life.

  • Death is simply the end of existence.

What is a Worldview?

Our worldview is the “big picture” and culmination of all our beliefs. It is the way we understand reality.

Why Renewanation?

The battle for the soul of America is being fought in the arena of worldviews. The classroom has become the #1 battlefield!

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