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Trouble in the Garden

By Dr. James Keaton Sr.

Picture this if you will: The Lord God is standing in the Garden of Eden speaking to an audience of three – Adam, Eve and the snake. Eve and Adam (in that order) have sinned. They have partaken of the forbidden fruit and in so doing have disobeyed the commandment God had given them. This has truly been a bad day. They have lost their innocence, their fearlessness and Eve became the first wife to complain of not having any earthly thing to wear.

In the cool of the day, the Lord God has come to walk with them in the garden. He knows of their sin but allows them to confess. The problem is all the greater because they are not satisfied to confess to God and wait for His judgment to be pronounced. Rather each of them blames another for what they have done. Adam blames Eve, (The woman thou gavest me) Eve blames the serpent, (The serpent beguiled me), and due to the limited population at the time, there was no one left for the serpent to blame.

Assigning blame never solves the problem!

Once again there is Trouble in the Garden! Public schools in America have taken the role of the Genesis serpent and are teaching children that God’s Word does not really mean what it says. The Bible is no longer allowed in most public schools, and if one shows up in the classroom, it is ridiculed along with the person who was brave enough to bring it. I could write copiously about who to blame. I could list names, organizations, acts of Congress and rulings by judges that have all contributed to the sad state of affairs, however, assigning blame would not solve this problem.

It is time for everyone to stop cursing the darkness and light a candle. For the sake of this and ensuing generations, we must rise up and call for a biblical worldview to be taught to our children. Our faith is not for sale. Our children are not for sale!

Every parent who sacrifices and puts their offspring in a Christian school, or homeschools them, understands what kind of commitment is necessary to make this possible. We must no longer stand for a substandard education based upon historical half truths or blatant untruths. Rather than keeping a list of who to blame, let’s take the bull by the horns and simply fix the problem.

Volume 2 Issue 4 - The Renewanation Review


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