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Recent Accomplishments of the American Prayer Caucus

The American Prayer Caucus has been hard at work creating a network of Christian elected officials and citizens to stand against evil and promote righteousness in our country. Be encouraged by the following summary of their recent accomplishments:

• Formation of the strategic American Prayer Caucus Network, the largest and most influential network of Christian government leaders in the nation, networking members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus with hundreds of like-minded members of state and local Legislative Prayer Caucuses in action-oriented forums.

• 10 State Prayer Caucuses formed (Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maine, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and Missouri) with 9 States in process.

• Citizens joined hundreds of legislators, governors, lieutenant governors and attorneys general at multiple Call to Prayer events, which were hosted and facilitated by elected leaders proclaiming their commitment to pray and protect your right to believe in God.

• The placement of State Directors in States to support Prayer Caucuses and facilitate the grassroots strategy to connect government leaders with Christian leaders to form a prayer and communication network positioned for action.

• Support to over 100 current members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

• The launch of the national In God We Trust; Put It UP! Campaign catalyzed by the successful passage of Congressional Resolution 13 affirming the official motto of the United States to be “In God We Trust” and encouraging its public display in schools and government buildings. CPCF is equipping citizens to display In God We Trust across America.

• A growing Internet and social media presence.

• Educational materials created to mount a visual and written campaign in simple and relevant terms, designed to reverse the lies and misinformation that are eroding principles of liberty.

• The establishment and ongoing support of hundreds of 219 prayer groups committed to praying for America.

This year alone Legislative Prayer Caucus members have led bi-partisan initiatives to recognize the influence of faith in our nation’s history, protect public prayer, support faith-based organizations and religious student groups, preserve religious freedom for our service members, and confront attempts to remove God from the public square.

One notable victory was won In November when Congress, by a historic overwhelming vote of 396-9, passed Resolution 13, officially reaffirming the national motto of the United States to be “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Strategically included in the resolution was the securing of the right for every citizen, school, business, and public building to display the national motto prominently, without fear of suit or reprisal by anti-God lobbyists!

The national campaign “in God We Trust – Put It UP!” has now been launched. It is designed to alert and educate citizens and legislators of our cherished right to display our national motto.

We cannot and must not forget that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Though some will reject our Lord and His rightful place in our hearts and in our nation, we must not! Thank you for standing up with us and fighting for the future of America.


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