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Reading, Writing, and Abortion? Planned Parenthood Invades Schools

On an average sweet high school day, somewhere between homeroom and geometry, your daughter can visit Planned Parenthood in the same building. Your son can walk his girlfriend to her locker and then to pick up some abortifacient birth control pills or get a quick shot in the arm that will sort of protect her from maybe getting pregnant. If it should fail, and it likely will, she can take the morning after pill, you know have a quick little abortion at school without your permission! In at least one state, she doesn’t even need permission to be permanently, irreversibly sterilized.

This is not as hypothetical as you would like to believe about your small town or your children. Did you know that your teenager can use the cell phone you pay for to text sex questions and get advice from Planned Parenthood? Can they text you? Do they have an alternative?


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