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Grandparents and Renewanation

By Dr. James B. Keaton Sr.

My wife’s love language is gift giving! Combine that with the fact that we have nine children, nine wonderful daughter and sons in law, forty-one grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and you will understand why the holidays make me a bit nervous, and my wife euphoric. Now don’t think I don’t like to give gifts. I’ve given away a lot of advice absolutely free, and on occasion have even given a piece of my mind for the same price.

Enough foolishness; since my love language is touching, allow me to touch on a few things about which I am quite serious. When we are called home to our eternal reward, my wife and I do want to leave something significant for our children and grandchildren and beyond. Actually I have been doing a little inventory of what might make decent heirlooms. First there is the “Grandfather Clock” which was my gift to my wife on her sixtieth birthday. Then there is the “guitar” that she gave me when I reached three score years. I also thought about my beloved library that has served me so well for over forty years of ministry, but realize that with the advent of the “internet” my real, hold in your hand books have become much less desirable and much too cumbersome for most people’s taste. Someone might be asking, why not leave them some cold hard cash? Oh, you obviously missed the part about raising nine children while spending forty years in the ministry.

I am grateful that, by God’s help, we have successfully shared our faith in God and a Christian Worldview with our children. I rejoice to see our grandchildren donning the same mantle and lifting the same torch, but I realize that with each ensuing generation I will have less influence and eventually none at all, unless I can find a way to help shape the future beyond my mortal existence here on earth!!!

RENEWANATION! Next to the Church, “Renewanation” offers more promise for the coming generations than anything else of which I am aware. As grandparents who really care about what the future holds for our offspring as they blend into the changing cultures long after our earthly demise, we should take comfort and joy in wisely investing in the solidity and promise of “Renewanation.” I hope many will join with me as I place “Renewanation” in my will.

Now, let me quickly rescue the check book before my wife goes Christmas shopping for the grandkids, and write a check to “Renewanation.” Oh, by the way, could you hold this check until after the first of the month? I’m retired you know!

Volume 2 Issue 1 - The Renewanation Review


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