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Completing the Circle of Redemption

By Jeff Keaton – Founder & CEO of Renewanation

Jenny was just a 13-year-old girl when a 22-year-old pastor knocked on the door of her inner-city home. Abandoned by her mother shortly after birth, and living in a home without Christ or hope, Jenny’s future wasn’t looking good. Generational poverty, addiction, and despair were the plans Satan had for her. But God had something better in mind.

Jenny’s pastor led her to Christ, invested heavily in her life, enrolled her in a Christian school (with the help of scholarship funds), and developed her into a young church leader. I know this story first hand because that pastor happened to be my brother, Troy. Jenny went on to graduate from a Christian college with a teaching degree and has spent the last 11 years teaching in a Christian school.

Two years ago she approached Renewanation and shared her passion and vision. She told us how she had a burning desire to go back to the inner-city and start a school that would rescue kids like herself. I promised her we would help her fulfill the vision God had placed in her heart.

In the fall of 2016, Jenny will open phase one of Newport Christian Academy near Cincinnati, Ohio. We are working to welcome 30-40 inner-city students into this new school and after school ministry.

Because most of these kids are coming from extreme poverty, we are helping Jenny and her team raise the funds to sponsor each one of them. For $4,500 per child, NCA will provide each student a first class Christian worldview education, uniforms, textbooks, and a safe and loving environment to learn in.

Can you imagine the impact Jenny and her team are going to have on these kids’ lives? In a few years, there will be many more Jennys because of this transformational work.

We are currently involved in ten new school startups or existing school revitalization projects. In every one of these schools or future schools, there are dynamic people whom God has raised up to reach the children in their communities. People are catching the vision! They are beginning to understand that there is no greater way to bring revival to America than giving children a biblical view of life.

If you are one of the thousands of people who are providing biblical worldview education to children, thank you! If you’re a parent who is sacrificing to give your child a Christian education, thank you! If you’re a donor who is investing in this great cause, thank you! Together, we are raising up a new remnant of young men and women who are going to carry on the hope of Christ for decades to come.

Volume 8 Issue 2 - The Renewanation Review


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