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Tax Credit Scholarship Highlight: Noah-Christian Academy

Charnika Elliott, Noah-Christian Academy administrator, accepted the scholarship award from Ron Gordon, Executive Vice President of Renewanation

Since 2015, Renewanation has been a qualified Scholarship Granting Organization. In 2016, we were privileged to raise $968,000 for this program. Over the next few months, we are highlighting our growing network of Christian schools we support through the Virginia Education Scholarships Tax Credit program.

Renewanation recently had the privilege to provide one of our partner schools, Noah-Christian Academy (NCA), with tuition support for eight students this semester. NCA administrator, Charnika Elliott, gratefully received the scholarship awards on behalf of these families.

Serving children from PreK3 through 5th grade, NCA has a passion for providing youth a solid foundation for higher education and a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Their aim is for each student to receive a biblically-based education with a focus on daily application of these truths. Ultimately, NCA leadership’s intent reflects their motto of “Building Hope, Building Dreams, Building Community.”


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