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Tax Credit Scholarship Highlight: Heritage Academy

From left: Ron Gordon (Executive Vice President of Renewanation) presented the award to Ann Haymes, Heritage Academy Head of School.

Since 2015, Renewanation has been a qualified Scholarship Granting Organization. In 2016, we were privileged to raise $968,000 for this program. We’ve recently been highlighting our growing network of Christian schools we support through the Virginia Education Scholarships Tax Credit program.

Renewanation has been privileged to provide one of our partner schools, Heritage Academy, with tuition support for six students this past semester. Ann Haymes, Heritage Academy Head of School, gratefully received the scholarship awards on behalf of these families.

Heritage Academy is a private Christian day school serving communities located in and around Pittsylvania County, VA. The academy serves families with preschool children through 8th grade with a focus on character development, service to others, and good citizenship embedded within a strong biblical worldview. With a 7:1 student/teacher ratio, their small class sizes allow for a high level of student engagement, facilitating an excitement for learning and solid academic achievement. Enrollment continues to grow at Heritage Academy with approximately 80 students currently enrolled.


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