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Revitalization Program in Action at Providence Christian School

Ron Klein and Ron Gordon traveled to Cape Coral, FL on October 18 to conduct an initial assessment visit at Providence Christian School (PCS). Founded in 1986 to provide the region with a biblically-based education option for children PreK3 through 8th grade, the school’s current enrollment sits at 72 students. Enrollment struggles over the past few years forced PCS to drop their middle school grades for the 2017-18 school year, triggering the need for external support in assessing their situation and providing strategic alternatives for the future.

Referred by another Renewanation-revitalized Christian school in Florida, PCS began their revitalization journey this past August as they provided data and information to our team and engaged in preliminary discussions surrounding their current blessings and challenges. Along with data reviews and site observations, we spent two days conducting multiple interviews with school and church leaders, board members, faculty, staff, parents, and students. During the visit debrief, the Renewanation team shared their findings and provided the head of school and senior pastor with multiple strategic options for further development. The PCS team was very appreciative of our visit and are looking forward to our continued support as we help them chart out a detailed path forward. For more information on our Christian School Revitalization Program, contact Ron Gordon at


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