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Revitalization Program in Action at Peniel Baptist Academy and Arlington Christian School

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Peniel Baptist Academy

Peniel Baptist Academy (PBA), a PreK to 12th grade school located in Palatka, FL, serves a beautifully diverse population of 228 students. Since Renewanation’s initial assessment visit this past spring and ongoing coaching support, the school has increased their student population and are building a stronger leadership team.

Having already been through the assessment process, the development of a strategic deployment plan was a critical next step in PBA’s journey to increase their impact in their community and their long-term sustainability. Over the course of two intense days in the planning workshop (Nov 2-3, 2017), Ron Gordon, Dr. Kristin Bird, and Dr. Don Larson guided the leadership team through the various opportunities and challenges they face to arrive upon a solid path forward. Tiger teams are now being launched with members positioned in their areas of strength and breakthrough targets to achieve. An organized approach to intentionally cover these efforts in prayer was also developed by the team. As PBA seeks to strengthen their spiritual vitality, expand their community reach, and grow their funding support, the Renewanation team will come alongside their leadership team with both coaching and accountability as their plan is deployed.

Arlington Christian School

On November 8 and 9, Ron Gordon, Dr. Kristin Bird, and Dr. Christian Overman visited Arlington Christian School in Arlington, WA. ACS is a pre-K to 12th grade school located north of Seattle. Arlington Christian School opened in 1975 to fill a need for a Christian school in Arlington, Washington. ACS faced significant challenges and spiritual warfare over the past decade. While facilities and staffing have now stabilized, they’ve struggled to grow their enrollment.

While still a small Christian school, the potential for growth in the next few years is strong as they reach out to the community and build their academic and sports programs. ACS requested Renewanation’s support in proactively preparing for growth, particularly in their high school. As part of the assessment process, we reviewed all aspects of the school and met with various stakeholders to identify both strengths to build upon as well as opportunities for improvement. The visit was a strong encouragement to both the teachers and school leadership team.

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