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Revitalization Program in Action at Central Texas Christian School

Renewanation has been privileged over the past several months to be supporting Central Texas Christian School (CTCS) in Temple, TX. By “teaching truth that transforms,” CTCS has strived to provide a solid biblical worldview education to children since 1987. The largest Christian school in the Temple, Belton, and Killeen region, CTCS currently enrolls over 425 students and is striving to have an even greater impact on the families and children in their community. This past fall, CTCS Head of School, Dr. Brian Littlefield, discovered the work of Renewanation through our founder, Jeff Keaton, during a biblical worldview conference he was speaking at in California. Dr. Littlefield recognized the alignment of our vision with that of CTCS and requested our support with a full revitalization effort which included an overall assessment this past March.

On June 16-17, Ron Gordon and Ron Klein (Renewanation Executive Consultant from Huntsville, AL) returned to CTCS to facilitate their leadership team through the development of a three-year strategic deployment plan. Ultimately, the team arrived upon seven key focus areas including strengthening their students’ spiritual transformation, enhancing their academic program, refreshing their financial model, and expanding their facilities campus. The team worked late into Friday evening and throughout Saturday morning to map out the path forward and begin developing the detailed action plans that will be implemented over the course of the 2017-18 school year. As a part of Renewanation’s revitalization program, status checks and coaching support will be conducted with CTCS over the course of the next two years.

Over a dozen Christian schools across the country have shown interest over the past two months in launching this program at their school as well. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of the CTCS team along with the other Christian schools that Renewanation currently supports.


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