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Renewanation Revitalization School Rewarded for Excellence

Renewanation has been leading Tampa Bay Christian through the revitalization process. We are excited to see TBCA rewarded for their excellent work and recent accomplishments.

Their 8th graders were chosen to represent all 8th-grade private school students for the country, and the testing company said they were the best they have tested all year (2016-2017). They were visited by Councilman Victor Crist who was so impressed with their school and students that he committed to helping them grow. That was followed by a visit from ABC NEWS to represent school-choice schools across the state. Things kept getting more exciting as TBCA was chosen to host the Florida Council of 100, a group of the 100 most influential companies in Florida and past and current Governors, as they map the future of education in Florida. Then they had special visitors from the Department of Children and Families and an invitation to help them educate families about school choices and the amazing achievements that are possible for all students. And to top it all off, Miss Florida visited the school and spoke in chapel and prayed with the praise and worship team before her talk. She said it was the best way she has ever started her day. In addition, TBCA will be hosting Lt. Col. (ret) Allen West, a former US Representative and current FOX News Contributor, for a lunch fundraiser in March. New friends fell in love with their school and committed to helping grow “the hidden jewel” in central Tampa.


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