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It’s Getting Real!

by Jeff Keaton

I thought this pandemic was going to come and go quickly. I was wrong! I have settled into the realization that the impact of the coronavirus is going to be very significant. Like my grandparents referred to Pearl Harbor, and my parents referred to Vietnam, and my generation refers to 9/11, the young people alive today will be referring to the coronavirus for the rest of their lives. I believe it will bring about seismic shifts in business, medicine, ministry, and every other field of work. The American standard of living will likely be altered for the foreseeable future.

Now, before you are tempted to jump off a cliff, let’s talk about how we move forward.

  1. Let’s fall back in love with our provider and protector God and repent of the fact that we have placed our trust in so many lesser gods. In a time of real crisis, we are reminded that not even the most powerful country, economy, military, or medical systems in the world are in control. God is in control! For reasons known and unknown, God has allowed this virus to spread.

  2. Let’s stop acting like the worst thing that can happen to us is to get the virus or even die. As the redeemed children of God, we fully trust our lives, families, and our futures to our wonderful, heavenly Father. He knows what is best, and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can get on with our lives.

  3. Let’s get into the fight! While many are running away from the virus, we should be running to it. Ask yourself, what can I do to help others at this time? If you are a healthcare worker, take every precaution you can, but then get up and head into the battle. Deliver hope and help to the fearful and desperately sick God has called you to care for. If you are working in a grocery store, take all the precautions you can, but then head into the store with a smile on your face. If you are a head of school, do your best to help the parents and students in your care to survive and even to thrive through this crisis.

As believers, we must avoid the temptation to be long-faced and pessimistic. Yes, things are going to change, but with this change will come many new opportunities. I am seeing strong indicators that people are turning back to God during this crisis. Let us be the messengers of God’s grace during these tough days. Don’t miss an opportunity to lovingly care for those in your sphere of influence and then share the good news and the hope of Jesus with them as the opportunity arises.

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