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Introducing Dr. Josh Mulvihill

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Josh Mulvihill to our Renewanation leadership team. Josh will be serving as our Executive Director of Church and Family Ministries. This ministry is tasked with the mission of equipping churches and parents to better develop a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of the children in their care. Our church and family division will allow Renewanation to reach many students who attend non-Christian schools.

Josh brings a tremendous resume to his work at Renewanation:

  • Pastor to Families and Children for 20 years

  • Latest assignment: Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN. 1,200 children in Wednesday and Sunday ministry programming

  • Ministry to hundreds of parents

  • Developed church ministries to Christian school and homeschool families

  • Developed church ministries to public school teachers and families

  • Ph.D. in Family Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Author of numerous articles, books, and discipleship resources including Biblical Grandparenting; Six Ways to Help Children Live According to the Bible; Preparing Children for Marriage: How to Teach God’s Good Design for Marriage, Dating, Sex, and Purity

  • Rooted Kids Curriculum

In Josh’s first year of work with Renewanation he will be starting and leading a number of key projects:

  • Develop a church-based renewal program to help churches implement a robust biblical worldview training program for the children in their care

  • Develop a biblical worldview test for students

  • Create a biblical worldview resource kit for churches and parents

  • Write Core Truths: Teaching Biblical Worldview for Lifelong Faithwith primary focus on parents and grandparents

  • Write Core Truths for Kids curriculum for churches

  • Co-author with Jeff Keaton Deficits: Truths American Children Don’t Know

  • Speak at and host several conferences on grandparenting and parenting

Josh has been married to the joy of his life, Jennifer, for 17 years. They are the proud parents of three boys and two girls. Jay (2006), Asher (2009), Kate (2011), Jon (2012), and Emily (2015).

Over the last several years, Josh has served on the Renewanation Board of Directors. Through this involvement, he began to sense that Renewanation was the perfect vehicle to accomplish the next phase of the call God has placed on his life to disciple parents so they can, in turn, disciple their children.

Stay tuned to all of our Renewanation media outlets to learn more about how this new ministry division can help you better disciple the children in your care.


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