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God, will you save our school?

By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder & Chairman

We are currently working to revitalize a school in New York State. As a part of this effort, I recently traveled with Ron Gordon to New York to be a part of an onsite evaluation visit and to speak for a re-launch rally. After I spoke at the rally and reminded the parents and leaders of this school why their school must become a thriving school once again, a sweet lady approached me. Her story touched me deeply.

She began by thanking me for the work we were doing to help save her school. She told me that two years ago on the last day of school her heart was very heavy and sad because of talk that the school might not re-open the next fall. She told of her frustration because she felt there was so little she could do to help save the school. She said, “I’m not a leader, I simply work in the kitchen.”

On that closing day of the 2014 school year, she said the only thing she knew to do was to give her very best to God in cleaning the kitchen, and that is what she did. She cleaned everything in sight to the best of her ability. As she walked out of the school, it dawned on her that she was the last person to leave the building on that final day of classes. As she stood there all alone, she looked up at the large two-story school building and simply cried out to God. “God, I’ve done everything I know to do. I’ve given you my very best in cleaning the kitchen; now will you save our school?” As she spoke those words to me, tears welled up in her eyes. At that moment, I was once again reminded of the importance of our mission.

People are asking God to save their schools. Moms and dads are asking God to save their children. As we revitalize schools and start new schools and as new children come into those schools and are taught the truth, Renewanation literally becomes God’s answer to the prayers of so many precious people.

Thank you so much for your partnership! Because of your prayers and your support God is enabling us to change so many kids’ lives! If you know of a community hoping to start a Christian school or if you know of a school that could use some help in growing stronger, please put them in touch with us. We would love to become the answer to more people’s prayers.


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