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Get Acquainted Meeting - February 16, 2018

Jeff Keaton was honored to introduce more than 20 new people to the work of Renewanation on Friday night, February 16. These individuals were guests of Darryl Nunnelley, the owner of the Hampton Inn in Winchester, KY as well as one of Renewanation’s most passionate partners. Darryl has caught the vision and is inviting his friends, family members, and acquaintances to join the cause of giving children a biblical worldview. There have already been very significant new connections and new opportunities developed as a result of this meeting. These Get Acquainted Meetings are one of the best ways to grow our network of partners. If you have interest in hosting one of these meetings but need more details about what it involves, please contact to learn more. You can make a very significant impact by helping us in this area.

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