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First Biblical Worldview Training Camps for Teachers a Great Success!

We were honored to host a total of 225 teachers at Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center in two conferences from July 27-August 1. They came from Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia. More than 60 of those in attendance are just coming into biblical worldview education after spending many years as missionaries in secular schools. They were eager to develop a stronger biblical worldview and to learn how to teach from a biblical worldview perspective. One school was started only three years ago by 14 public school teachers. This fall, between their four campuses, they will enroll between 800-1000 students. The 225 teachers who were on site will now go and teach 3,500-4,000 students for the next 180 days! We will be planning several of these conferences in 2018. If you would like to see your teachers better understand a biblical worldview and be able to integrate it into their teaching, our biblical worldview training events may be exactly what you need. Our mission at Renewanation is to give millions of new children a biblical worldview through any and all means. God is really helping us! Thank you again for praying for these events.


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