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Christian School Revitalization in Action at Bangor Christian Schools

On May 3 and 4, Dr. Don Larson and Ron Gordon facilitated a Christian school strategic deployment session with Bangor Christian Schools (BCS) in Bangor, ME. BCS head of school, Dr. Jeff Benjamin, and senior pastor of Crosspoint Church, Jerry Mick, set the tone for the session by reminding the leadership team of the core mission of the school and highlighting key opportunities.

Renewanation’s first visit to BCS in early November 2018 provided an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of their strengths and best practices as well as the opportunities to both strengthen their biblical worldview emphasis and grow their impact in the Bangor region. At the end of the two-day workshop, the leadership team had arrived upon the top five priorities for the school, 2019-20 targets for these objectives, and the teams tasked with driving these efforts. Ron Gordon will continue as BCS’s accountability coach over the next few years as they refine and implement their strategic objectives.


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