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12,750 Children Impacted Through Biblical Worldview Conference

On June 25-27, Jeff Keaton, Dr. Josh Mulvihill, George Barna, and Dr. Glen Schultz spoke at a biblical worldview conference for teachers and administrators in New Orleans. The event was held at the World War II Museum to show a real-life example that beliefs have very real consequences. The evil beliefs that led to WWII cost millions of lives and remind us why it is so critical to help children develop biblical views that will transform culture and bless the world through Christ rather than cause destruction.

There were over 80 teachers and administrators in attendance with more than 12,750 children in their schools. God changes the world with small groups of people such as the twelve disciples and Gideon’s army of 300, and we pray that the seeds planted in these 80 teachers will be used to change the lives of countless people, Christian schools, families, and our nation.

Pictured: Jeff Keaton, George Barna, and Dr. Josh Mulvihill


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