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The ViewFinder was created to help you assess your beliefs according to the Bible and develop a more robust biblical worldview. Every Christian has blind spots, may absorb cultural ideas, and has growth potential. Use your ViewFinder results to identify one or more potential growth areas in your thinking and living. Prayerfully consider what area(s) God may want you to focus on.
Thank you for taking the ViewFinder assessment to determine your current worldview perspective. 

We have determined that your current biblical worldview perspective is:

Report Contents

Section 1:  Participant Details ...........................................

Section 2:  Overall Score ...................................................

Section 3:  Content Area - God ..........................................

Section 4:  Content Area - The Bible .................................

Section 5:  Content Area - Moral Order .............................

Section 6:  Content Area - Purpose ...................................

Section 7:  Content Area - Creation ...................................

Section 8:  Content Area - Humanity .................................

Section 9:  Additional Resources .......................................










Participant Details
Participant Details
Age Category
K-12 Educational Experience

Public School

Private Christian

Private Non-Christian


Home School

Highest Education
Number of times in the past month have you attended a church worship service
Number of times in the past month have you read the Bible other than at a church event
Overall Score
 / 30, we have determined that your current biblical worldview perspective is:
You hold some views that are consistent with Scripture, but there are beliefs about topics that are unclear, undeveloped, or out of alignment with the Bible.
You have a solid worldview in many areas, but one or more beliefs would benefit from examination and additional study to develop a biblical view on that topic.
You have a strong biblical worldview that aligns with Scripture in most or all areas of the assessment.
How to Leverage the ViewFinder

The concept of biblical worldview is ambiguous for some and overwhelming for others. Looking at worldview through the lens of the six categories makes it easier.


The simple step of categorizing worldview into six groups can help you identify areas of strengths or blind spots. To discover our worldview is valuable and a significant step toward biblical thinking and godly living.


What are the six areas of biblical worldview in the ViewFinder?

Content Area - God
This category answers questions such as, “Does God exist? Who is God? What is He like?” What comes into our mind when we think about God is one of the most important things in life. A right concept of God is critical to theological beliefs and Christian living because distorted beliefs about God lead to ungodly life choices.
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Content Area - The Bible
 / 5
Review ViewFinder Companion sections
This category answers critical questions about the Bible such as, “Is it true? Will I follow? Does it apply?” One of the most important aspects of biblical worldview formation is what we believe about the Bible and how the Bible shapes our living. It is not enough to know what is in the Bible; we need to develop robust confidence about the Bible.
Content Area - Moral Order
This category answers the questions, “Where does morality come from? Who makes the rules? What is right and wrong?” We need help making daily decisions based on the Bible. A critical aspect of biblical worldview development is wisdom. Wisdom is moral skillfulness and the ability to apply God’s truth to life.
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Content Area - Purpose
 / 5
Review ViewFinder Companion sections
This category answers the questions, “What is the purpose of life, work, family, education, and the government?” No one wants to live an empty or meaningless life that is wasted. Yet many individuals find life unhappy and unfulfilling. God designed life, family, education, work and the government and defines their purpose in the Bible.
Content Area - Creation
This category answers the questions, “Where did everything come from? What happens at death? Who is in charge of the world? How do I make sense of the world?” Our worldview is shaped by what we believe about the origin of the world, the value of humans, and what makes creation different from the Creator. What we believe about this category shapes our fundamental view of the nature of reality.
 / 5
Review ViewFinder Companion sections
Content Area - Humanity
 / 5
Review ViewFinder Companion sections
This category answers the questions, “What does it mean to be human? What is the nature of man? Why is there evil and suffering in the world?” The final category seeks to understand topics such as man’s place in the world, the value of life, the meaning of marriage, and our place in history.
Additional Resources
We hope the biblical worldview discovery and development tool encourages you to continue growing as a follower of Jesus Christ and develop a stronger biblical worldview that makes a difference in the world. Here is a short list of recommended reading broken into three categories: developing, maturing, and flourishing. The books are not in any specific order and the list is meant to be introductory, not exhaustive. Choose a realistic number of books to read and be blessed!
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