Young church-going Christians embrace anti-religious socialism through the Democratic Party

This article was published by The Washington Times prior to the 2020 election but is still relevant to the future of America.

Millions in America and around the world are fixated on the 2020 presidential election. The stakes are high and every news cycle feels like a fresh gut punch.

“What kind of America do we want?” In just a few weeks, we’ll know voters’ answer to that question. But one thing is certain: The younger generation is arriving at a very different answer. For evangelicals like me, this is a cause for alarm.

Polls show that a permanent anti-religious, socialist majority through the vehicle of the Democratic Party is emerging in the United States, a majority that will be dominant by 2024, and locked in place by 2030.

My fellow evangelicals are so focused on winning this election, they don’t realize that the data shows we’ve already lost all elections after this one.

The mindset of the right has been to gear up and engage only during political cycles. The left engages 24/7, 365 days a year. If politics is downstream from culture, all we have to do is look upstream to realize that the left has seized nearly every center of cultural influence, from social media, entertainment, schools, news media, universities, and now even large corporations.

Young, church-going Christians aren’t fighting this leftward current. They’re swimming with it.

Comprehensive studies of evangelical youth reveal 69% who attend church do not believe in absolute truth, and agree that if your beliefs offend someone, your beliefs are wrong. Young Christians are also five times as likely as their older peers to embrace Marxist ideas.

In the 2020 campaign cycle, conservatives are spending almost $5 billion in reaching the 5% of the electorate thought to be undecided. That’s about 7.5 million voters. The math works out to a little under $600 a vote. Keep that in your back pocket for a moment, and then consider this.

When you add up every single college, non-profit, and campus group that is specifically preparing young adults to apply a biblical worldview to society, their combined annual budgets are less than what conservatives are spending every 12 hours on election-related advertising.