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Worth the Sacrifice

By Tabatha Rosen

In 2013, my children began attending Roanoke Valley Christian School for preschool. My oldest daughter was four and would enter kindergarten at the local public school the following year, or so we thought.

When it came time to sign her up for kindergarten, we were torn. The cost of public school definitely fit our budget, but we were so happy with the many ways RVCS had touched our children’s lives and led them closer to God. The teachers and faculty were full of love and commitment. Classrooms were constructed to facilitate learning through play and experiences. Most importantly, they embraced their calling to teach and lead through example as followers of Christ.

We decided to talk to our rising kindergartener and get her opinion. The first thing she asked about was Bible class. The thought of not learning Bible lessons in school devastated her. As tears filled her eyes, we knew what we had to do. Our little girl was so touched and devoted to God’s word at such an early age, how could we take that from her to save a few dollars? We would adjust and figure out how to budget in the cost. And we did.

We couldn’t have been happier as she finished up her kindergarten year. We know there is no question as to where she belonged and why. She has grown academically and spiritually more than we could have ever hoped for in such a short time span.

I had the pleasure of being a room mom last year and saw that it wasn’t just our children being impacted. All of the children’s little minds worked hard, not because they were told they had to, but because they wanted to. They wanted to learn for God and to serve because they knew of His glory. You could see it in their actions and work. It was amazing to watch how His presence in the classroom affected them.

That impact reached farther than the kindergarten class. My youngest is still in preschool and every day it is a reward for her to learn everything she can about God and the wonders of the world He created. This is a theme that seems to run through the entire school.

The decision we made for our children to continue to receive a biblical worldview education wasn’t made lightly. It has taken some work and financial sacrifice, but it is worth it. It was the best decision that fit how we wanted our children to learn, and a decision that will definitely be repeated. The sacrifices we have made and continue to make to send our kids to a Christian school are minor compared to the benefits they will receive for a lifetime.

Volume 7 Issue 2 - The Renewanation Review

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