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Wise County Christian School Partners with Renewanation Scholarship Foundation

Renewanation recently had the privilege to visit Wise County Christian School, one of the 30 incredible schools partnering with the Renewanation Scholarship Foundation in the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program. Although WCCS is celebrating their 41st year in operation, 2018 was the first year of their participation in the Virginia EISTC program.

The visit included a luncheon to recognize a few of the many wonderful constituents supporting the scholarship program and to share in the success stories that have resulted, in part, from blessings the program has presented. The funds granted have proven effective at simultaneously supplying children and families with crucial scholarships used directly towards tuition that would have previously been unaffordable and delivering valuable incentives to those keen on maximizing income.

The observed impact of this program at WCCS has been enormous, not only for the school but more importantly, for the children and families qualified for the program. More than 22 children have received funding from the EISTC program, and overall enrollment has grown to 101 students, the most ever admitted at their current site. 20% of these students have formed a new relationship with Christ. As we continue to partner in transforming this generation of leaders grounded by biblical principles, Renewanation and WCCS are excited to see what God has in store for 2019.


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