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Why Renewanation?

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

By Janene Dubbeld

It wasn’t on a newsflash; it didn’t happen in the past. It is reality – it is our world, here and now.

She stood in my kitchen and said: “The teacher asked my daughter, Kristinia, how the earth was created. Kristinia raised her hand and answered, ‘God created earth.’”

“No,” the teacher replied, “you’re wrong.”

Then “mom” went on to say, “they also told her she’s not able to talk about God.”

That wasn’t all. “When she tries to pray over her food,” she continued, “she’s told she’s ‘not allowed to do that here.’ She does it anyway.”

Intently I listened to this mother tell the story. Not the story of someone in another state, the tragedy of another country, but our country, America – in the state I live in. She wasn’t finished – and it wasn’t getting better.

“They are teaching my fourth grader ‘how to make a baby’ . . . they won’t let us ‘opt out’ the days . . . but my child won’t be there that day.”

“What school is this?” I had to know. She told me. It was closer than you think – the county next to mine.

Then. . . then, she told me she didn’t want her child to go to the middle school next year because . . . “there are six pregnant 11 and 12-year-old girls with 11 and 12-year-old fathers.”

Now my eyes fill up with tears. Babies having babies, and being “educated” by adults (who are supposed to know better) that this is OK? What are we thinking? Yes, really. . . What are we thinking?

If you are tuned in at all to this world today, you realize this story is not an isolated case. Any research at all into our public education system reveals facts such as these and many times much worse. We have an educational system that is blatantly succeeding in forcing out of our children’s lives the very foundational principles that give them hope for their future. A system that is supposed to equip them for “success in life” is quickly turning into a system that “equips them for failure.” This isn’t by happenstance nor is it an accident. Outside of God Himself, we have but one most prized possession. We are seeing an all out attack to bring down our country by violating those we treasure – our children.

They are violating their minds – by teaching lies as truth; violating their souls by perverting the sacredness of marriage to something other than God ordained it – one man to one woman; violating their safety by removing the insurance of the sanctity of human life – from conception to the grave; instilling into them a worldview which, when possessed, directs them down pathways opposite of Truth – and often heads them for destruction.

So, what do we do? Wring our hands and worry? Wash our hands and walk away? Walk with God – pray, give, and work like crazy to see His restoration?

The choice is up to each of us.

A nation lies before us – wrecked by the hand of evil. A vision lies before us – given by the hand of God. Let the knowledge you possess ignite the faith within your soul – and produce in you the passion to ACT!

This is, “Why, RENEWANATION!”

Volume 1 Issue 1 - The Renewanation Review


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