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The Battle of Worldviews Heats Up Across the Nation

While most of us go quietly about our daily business there are spiritual and philosophic battles raging that we seldom hear about. Some of these are very close to the core of our national political life and are being fought daily by elected officials who may seem very far from us. However, there are faithful men and women who serve God and country and who are actively engaged in prayer and action in the ongoing battle for the soul of this nation. We commend them and ask you to join us in prayer for our political leaders as the scriptures command.

A significant source of news in this area comes from the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. The following excerpts come from them this week.

“The battle is heating up all across this nation. The Secular Coalition of America has recently announced they are joining forces with 11 other organizations to form a coalition of anti-God groups with the goal of removing God from every vestige of America’s landscape.

They are trying to establish chapters to target state governments in order to further their agenda. Sound familiar? Their mission would attempt to counter our effects; removing all hope of religious liberty, all references to God, remove moral law, and all evidence of our Judeo-Christian heritage at the state level.

The opposition must realize our mission is effective and a real threat to their agenda – that’s good news! Please pray for us and give whatever support you can to help us continue to launch and support State Prayer Caucuses. Our strategy partners prayer with legislative and citizen action – an unstoppable synergy.

Leaders Sounding the Alarm

Congressman Forbes warns that our liberties are slipping through our fingers. Our Congressional leaders are sounding the alarm – every day they see the war to dismantle the freedom that comes only from our Judeo-Christian Foundation.

But there is still hope! The key is to go on the offensive – to remember and fight for our spiritual heritage. National leaders are calling Americans to seek God in prayer, unite, and take action at this critical juncture in our American history.

Every day we monitor the threats against our deep Judeo-Christian roots evidenced in religious liberty lawsuits and issues across the nation. From the HHS Mandate infringing upon our freedom of conscience, to removing crosses on War Memorials, to removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance , to removing the word “God” from the Ten Commandments , there is no doubt we are facing a very real challenge. The Faith Report exposes the alarming efforts of anti-God groups as well as the many victories taking place across the nation.

Missouri Prayer Caucus Chairman In Action

Missouri legislators are proving to be a great example of leaders that are making religious liberty a priority. Rep. Mike McGhee and others attended the American Religious Freedom Conference that took place recently in our Nation’s Capitol.

Rep. McGhee is sponsoring the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment which will appear on the August 7th ballot. The measure will guarantee the right to pray and worship on public property and reaffirms a citizen’s right to choose any or no religion. Please spread the word and pray that this and other pro-religious liberty legislation will pass.

‘In God We Trust – Put It Up!’

Members of Congress voted in November to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as our national motto . This is part of our offensive strategy to re-affirm your right to pray and trust in God. Across the country, lawmakers are creating legislation to protect religious liberty , school prayer , working to keep “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and providing support to people of faith that have had their religious liberties violated.

The evidence of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation is overpowering; it’s up to us to protect what our Founders knew would makes this nation great.”


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