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Super Exciting News About Teacher Training Camps 2019

Registration for our July 29-30 and August 1-2 Biblical Worldview Training Camps for Teachers and Administrators is now officially open at Here’s the exciting news. Even though we only have space for 300 on-site campers, we will be simulcasting (live or on demand) the July 29-30 event so that schools anywhere in the USA or around the world can benefit from these two days of phenomenal biblical worldview training. We are offering nearly 10 hours of training designed to de-secularize Christian educators and inspire them to become passionate students of biblical worldview and biblical worldview integration in their teaching.

Here’s what one teacher wrote on her camp assessment at the close of one of last year’s camps. “Phenomenal! This has been the greatest teacher conference I have attended in my 13 years of teaching. I am leaving here grounded in my beliefs in a way I never have been before. Y’all changed my life and my teaching forever.” -Katie

We already have schools on a waiting list to register for the on-site spaces. These will go very fast and will obviously bring the most impact to your teachers. If you want to launch into your 2019-20 school year with tremendous momentum toward becoming a biblically integrated school, these camps will help you do just that. We are accepting first-time attendees for the July 29-30 camp since the simulcast sessions will be similar to last year’s camps. We will be offering many new course options for our August 1-2 camp, so we are inviting schools that have already attended to register for this camp. For a glance at our speakers and session topics, click here. You can also discover pricing options, etc. on our website. For those of you who register for the simulcast, we will be sending you all the same handouts that onsite campers will receive. You will need to make copies to meet the needs of your school or church.

If you still have questions after looking at the registration page, please feel free to contact Judy Ralph at or 540-890-8900.


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