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Biblical Worldview Education in Action

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

At iLumenEd Academy, the hearts and minds of students are being illuminated with the beauty of a biblical worldview. Here are just a few examples of what results when

students are equipped with a holistic biblical worldview education.

Evidence for Our Creator

“Light bulb moment for a student today! He realized that our ability to do math is clear evidence of us having been a) created by God and b) created in the image of God. He also realized that math is not just something we do or that people made up for practical reasons—it is literally the coding language God created and by which He established the physical aspects of the universe and all that is within it. That is why math is the foundation for science. God is actively involved in the physical aspects of creation and changes the code as He pleases. I love being a part of those moments of recognizing in awe the incredible knowledge and care of God.”

Sarah Mereness, High School Math and Science Teacher

Literature through a Biblical Lens

Below is a student annotation on this portion of The Scarlet Letter: “All this was accomplished with a subtlety so perfect, that the minister, though he had constantly a dim perception of some evil influence watching over him, could never gain a knowledge of its actual nature.”

“This I can directly relate to. I believe the author is making a connection between the Christian’s sense of how the devil works in one’s everyday life. One knows it’s there, and it’s real, but every time you try to catch it and prove it, it falls in on itself and slips through one’s fingers. I see this in my life every day, through my own temptations. Even if it is such a small decision to choose right or wrong, I believe it can spiral into so many other aspects of my life, and I fall into lies. Just as Paul wrote, he wants to do what’s right and wants to please God, but there’s this sense of sinful darkness over him that sometimes overcomes him.”

“I am so thrilled to see how students are learning to read literature with a biblical lens and then apply it to themselves!”

Wendy Tavenner, High School English Language Arts

Believing the Gospel

“One of our elementary students is from a family of a different faith. The student’s family contacted the child’s teacher asking for a Bible the child could read. Then his family contacted the teacher again because their child was not understanding the version he was reading. They asked if the teacher knew of a better version for a child. His teacher was able to suggest a version he would understand. Last week he completed an assignment for Bible class and answered the following question: Are you saved?

Here is his response: ‘I believe in the gospel. I told my mom about the gospel as well. I believe that if I believe in Jesus, He will save me from my sins, and I will live in heaven.’

We praise God for the impact He is allowing us to have on young lives every day, knowing that those young people are often the gateway to a family’s heart.”

Elementary School Teacher

Cultivating Biblical Principles

A portion of a high school English assignment to personify an aspect of your personality:

“Forgiveness smells so sweet and refreshing. She brings new life to those around her every day. She would love to be everyone’s friend, but some ignore her and treat her poorly. She never gives up and is always willing to be there for the people she loves. Forgiveness tastes so sweet and refreshing.

The sound of her voice is like relaxing waves on the beach. Hearing her voice is like washing the slate clean. She brings smiles and relief with her wherever she goes. Her embrace brings comfort to those she hugs and loves.

Many people run from forgiveness, but she is fast and can stay up with them. I have caught her, and I do not want to let her go. I want to introduce her to all my friends and family. I value her friendship and never want to be without her.”


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