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Restoring Hope

This testimony was given at our 2012 Roanoke banquet. Read and remember, Christian education is radically changing lives.

My name is Tatyana Crowder and I am enrolled in the 10th grade at Parkway Christian Academy, a RENEWANATION affiliate school.

Four years ago my life was going nowhere. Because of my behavior, I was headed for the worst school in the Roanoke City School System.

I did not like school and I was in trouble almost every day. I had very few dreams for my future and I did not know what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If God had not reached down and provided me with a life-changing scholarship to a Christian school, I know I would be totally lost.

I was so excited to get the opportunity to attend a Christian school, but boy was I in for a shock.

I was not used to the difficult work and all the strict rules I found at PCA.

My first year was a rough one as I tried to understand how to make it in a world where you did not have to fight for everything.

Thanks to a group of loving teachers, administrators and pastors, I made it.

Today my life has been totally transformed! I now have a serious relationship with Jesus, get good grades, lead our basketball team and have great hope for my future.

My only regret is that so many other kids I grew up with do not have this amazing opportunity.

There are millions of lost kids, just like I was, who have little hope for a bright future, but Christian education can restore that hope.

Thank you for supporting Christian Education. It has completely changed my LIFE!


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