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Our Nation’s Greatest Hope: How do we reclaim our society for Christ?

By Ron Gordon – Vice President of Renewanation

Over the last few years, the rapidly increasing swell of moral decay in our society has been overwhelming. Society’s battle cry for diversity and inclusion has been heard by our legal, political, and entertainment worlds as they have fought to protect every interest and perversion imaginable. The headlines reflect the success these efforts towards “tolerance” have had in reshaping our society. Social media has disseminated this cultural slide at mind-boggling speed. From the battle for the sanctity of life, to the redefinition of marriage, to the campaign for gender identity, our culture drifts further away from absolute truth and the scriptural values this nation was founded upon.

While these values were under attack, they appeared quite distant from our seemingly sheltered lives in Southwest Virginia. Our Christian friends in our Christian community created a false sense that the majority of our country was still “one nation under God.” We had a beautiful illusion of safety and security as we lived the “American dream.” With a career move to the New England region in 2009, the cultural deterioration we heard of quickly became more real. The perceived, distant battleground was now much more visible.

In 2013, several unexpected events caused a location change and afforded more time for reflection and planning. As I explored the Bible more intently, read books on surrendering my life more fully to Christ, and surrounded myself with dynamic Christian mentors, the motivations that once fueled me in the corporate world weakened. A burning desire began growing within me to do something about the deterioration of society that once felt worlds away. God was preparing my heart to trust Him with a new journey. He had brought my family and me to this place, at this time, for a specific purpose.

I had heard about Renewanation but did not truly understand the mission. After hearing Jeff Keaton provide a more detailed explanation of their mission, my curiosity soared. Their passion for raising children with a biblical worldview resonated deeply within me. My own Christian education as a child at Roanoke Valley Christian Schools had provided a solid foundation that kept me close to Christ and the Judeo-Christian values I had been taught throughout my life. The choice my wife and I made to homeschool had begun to bear fruit in the character we saw developing in our three children. I am now more convinced than ever before that educating the next generation with a biblical worldview is our nation’s greatest hope for reclaiming our society for Christ.

History has proven that the education of one generation prepares the culture and future of the next. In Deuteronomy 11, God instructed the Israelites to obey His commandments and “teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” We must train the next generation to live according to the truth of Scripture, not only by taking them to church a couple hours each week, but instilling these truths throughout the course of their young lives at home and at school.

God then provided a promise to the Israelites that He would protect and secure their nation if they chose the blessing rather than the curse (Deuteronomy 11:26-28). We share this same hope for our nation. Many are comfortable asking God to bless America but become complacent while watching and waiting for change. We must stand up and be the change we hope to see. As God’s people, it starts with us (2 Chronicles 7:14). Choose the blessing by obeying the commands of God and diligently teaching them to your children.

We must equip our children with spiritual truth that will grow their relationship with Christ and help them defend their faith. Only then will we be able to reclaim the culture of our communities and nation.

Volume 7 Issue 2 - The Renewanation Review


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